If anyone has had a similar experience with this I would greatly appreciate your advice! It started about 6 months ago when my 11 year old pug started having diarrhea and not wanting to eat. My normal vet prescribed metronidozole but symptoms did not improve. She did an X-ray and said she saw his intestines were inflamed and it could be a type of intestinal cancer and we should just keep him as "comfortable as possible." I was in shock because up until this point he had been perfectly healthy. She prescribed prednisone to help with inflammation and appetite. After starting the prednisone his poop returned to normal and his appetite was up. We thought he was cured until about 2 weeks after stopping pred, all symptoms returned. The vet refused to prescribe anymore pred, citing the harmful long term effects it has. I wish I had taken him to a specialist after that and it will probably always haunt me that I didnt. We took him to another vet who prescribed prednisone and Another round of antibiotics. He was great until stopping the pred again, but this time his symptoms became different. He was shaking, panting, and could not walk at all! Couldn't even stand up. Rushed to emergency vet. They basically said he was an old dog and we didn't have a lot of options. They suspected he had a seizure. Literally As soon as we walked out of the place, our dog started walking again and drank water! Took him back to the vet who gave us the pred last the next day and she did a lipase test. He had a terrible case of pancreatitis. She didn't keep him on an IV because we all agreed it would be too stressful for him. He was given subcutaneous fluid injections and sent home and we were told to withhold food for 2 days. She gave us pred and antibiotics, and after his 2 day fast he was wonderful again! Started feeding royal canin prescription. a week later when he started shaking and panting. Called the vet she said to give him Karo syrup and bring him in. After the hour drive there and multiple feelings of Karo syrup, his glucose was only 67. She gave us some paste to feed him and suggested pedialyte because he was dehydrated. He got better again, then his stool started getting loser and his inappetance returned. The vet said it could be a type of pancreatic cancer and suggested we go see a specialist and get a biopsy. Took him to another vet who was highly recommended for older dogs, he did an ultrasound and said it was clear. Prescribed more pred and antibiotics because his WBC were very elevated. His pancreatic and liver enzymes were normal! This time the pred did not help his diarrhea. We took him back two weeks later and he wasn't there so his partner saw us. She did another ultrasound and suggested a barium test. She showed us the test and said there is a large well encapsulated mass in his left cranial abdomen in the place of the liver and stomach. She said the food could not get around and he would throw up if he ate a lot. He has been eating a ton (increased pred to 1 1/4) and has never thrown up. This time his Blood work improved a lot his WBC went down a lot other than basophils which were extremely high. Everything I've read about those says it indicates an infectious disease or heart worms (he's been checked for heartworms already).This week he is eating well but has pure liquid diarrhea literally minutes after eating. I feel so hopeless. She said exploratory surgery was needed but more than likely they couldn't do anything and would just tell us that it wasn't worth waking him up. She said make him comfortable until it's time to put him down. He's down to 14 lbs from his weight of 22 lbs. I should of had him biopsied from a specialist right away, that is completely my fault but I was just so shocked. All of the cancer symptoms I have read say blood in stool or vomit or pain or dark colored tarry stools. He has had none of the above! I also find it strange that the first vet thought the mass was in his intensines, the second vet thought there was no mass just pancreaitis, 3rd vet saw no mass one week earlier, and the third vet says the mass in the top of his stomach. I asked the latest vet about pancreatitis and she said the mass may of been pressing on his pancreas. That makes sense but why isn't it now? Especially since she said the mass was encapsulated. If anyone has had a similar experience I would really like to hear about it. It's so hard to let go. Seems like so many vets have given up on him but im just not ready to :(
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