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Oh that is right ! You had mentioned that previously. I apologize tgat I didn't recall. Well, Kid certainly has a good home now.
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I'm still on the fence on adopting "KID." But he is really growing on me. He never tries to escape the office. He does not cry too much to complain. He is very funny and silly and smart. And adorable. Very calm but he loves to play. Yesterday he sat on my lap for the first time. I am a lonely, older man too, so probably need the company. And I have no doubt the local coyotes would have gotten him soon. He is safer with me indoors.

It is also so odd to me that I most likely knew "KID's" sibling "KONA" who passed away as a kitten (the one I tried to rescue last Winter) from exposure and "Fading Kitten Syndrome", and I knew his Mother ("Mom-Cat") & Father ("Blackie"), who both also knew "Marmalade." As they would see him at the rear gate of our warehouse.

Even though "Blackie" was a bully, he was just being a Tom-Cat. I don't blame him for wanting to bother Marmalade's girlfriend "Star."  It is strange to me that now "Marmalade", "Mom-Cat" and "Blackie" are all gone. As is "Star's" brother "Smudge." Who I believe was also taken by coyotes in late 2017. And two other sweet neighborhood cats "Fleas" and "Cherry" (who was KID's friend) were also attacked and taken. These little lives, and memorable characters...just gone.

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Thank you for your loving and magnificently written odes to Marmalade are beyond touching. The two of you had quite a bond. Marmalade sounds amazing! Thank you so much for sharing your memories. I lost my Ana Ng almost 3 weeks ago, and you were so kind to email me. That meant a great deal to me when I was in a state of shock/pain/desperation.
Please keep up updated on The Kid!
K. Unger
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Awww. Thank you so much Katie. I certainly appreciate your taking the time to read my stories regarding my lad and my adventures together. We had so, so many. I am so glad that my comment(s) to you may have been somewhat comforting. That really means a great deal with me.

KID the kitten is doing well it seems. Thank you for caring. I brought him to his first Vet appointment as one of his wounds began to ooze a bit. We don't know what kind of animal attacked him, but I do think it was a coyote and he barely got away. He is even faster and smarter than I first thought. He is napping next to me in my office as I post this comment. He is so funny and silly. Loves to play. This morning he was playing with 3 toys, he could not chose 1. So he would run to all 3 of them and dive in.

He was just way too young, tiny and vulnerable not to help him. I think I shared he would meow at me when I would walk by the abandoned house he was living next to. I could not turn my back on him. He's turning out to be a real sweetheart. I am not sure how he parachuted into my life when he did, but he did. Little "CAPTAIN KID(D)!"

All best again,
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It has been 13 weeks as of today, that my Marmalade passed away. I miss my best friend.

Every single morning, day and night I talk to myself repeatedly. I say:

"My heart is broken."

"I want my boy back. And I can't have him."

"I miss my best friend."

I must repeat the above 100 x a day.

My grief and sense of deep guilt & regret has driven me quite mad.

: /
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1 month for me since Fishstick went away. I know how you feel. Many days are silent for me, working through the day to day and hiding the sadness. Other times, I feel the need to speak out. I still have the shirt she was laying on; still have the shirt I was wearing as I held her after she had passed. Sometimes it feels like she is fading and I snap to attention as if to say, "You are not forgotten. You are not replaceable!" Everyday is hard acceptance.
Peace to you.
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