Hi everyone,

My dog passed away on Thursday July 9 2020. I cant stop beating myself up about what I should have done. Marley was fighting lymphoma for over 3 years and the last week she recieved chemo on Monday and her neutraphils were low the oncologist said. She still got the chemotherapy. I didnt see that she was anemic until thursday but I think she was showing signs of it on Wednesday and I didnt notice it. Thursday I noticed her gums pale and her tongue pale so I took her to the Vet right away. They said she needed blood transfusion so I rushed her to the Emergency room. While We were waiting in the Car Marley who always had to sit up front with me repositioned her self and laid her  head on the headrest and took a deep breath and she was gone . At first I didnt notice that her breathing stopped then as a few minutes passed I was well aware of it. So I phoned the emergency room and told them I dont think she is breathing so now they decide to come out fast to get her. The doctor called and said her heart has stopped and she isnt breathing. So she paced away on her terms. But what I am beating myself up about is if I had made that phone call again earlier to the emrgency room to get them to come out to get her. I cant stop beating myself up about it. I am a mess and cant stop crying.
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George, I am in the same boat as you. Your last line described me to a t . I don’t know what to do either. Our dobie, Ruby was diagnosed with a severe heart condition last year with a poor survival chance. Well she made it over a full year before passing last Saturday. She started acting strange on a Wednesday but seemed ok Thursday except not eating which she did occasionally anyway. After reading about bloat I now think that is what killed her and if I would have taken her in a Friday, she would still be here. I can’t shake my guilt and I am an absolute wreck. I feel your pain
David becak
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