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I just wanted to thank everyone again for their support.  We made the decision to put her to sleep last Friday.  Although we knew the end was near because she kept losing weight, she continued to be affectionate and eat a little each day.  Last Friday, however, she fell over and could not stand up on her own.  We knew that it was time and that her quality of life would be terrible from that point.  

I know it was the right decision, but I am kind of numb right now.  I can't seem to feel the pain I was expecting to have --the pain that I had before she died.  I am really confused about my feelings.  I think I am just blocking them out because it would be too painful to feel them.  I also can't get rid of the feeling that she may be suffering because I obviously can not know.
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I am so very sorry for the loss of your sweet baby.
It is very normal to feel numb and as if everything is surreal
immediately after a loss. I think it is the way our brains protect us
from the pain for a bit until it comes. It takes a bit (about 4 -6 weeks)
for our brains and our hearts to meet in the same place.
Grief is the worst pain there is and each new grief brings up every other
loss one has ever experienced in life so it is as if we are going through
one big loss. We are all here for you and we all understand.
Feel free to please come back and tell us whatever you
wish about your life with your sweet girl so we can get to know her through you.
We will all be here for you.
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I had a similar situation with my dog and I can say that I know the decision you are facing.  I agree with Bailey's Mom - we are never ready to let them go (I certainly wasn't).  I also spoiled Muffin in the last few days, let him have treats (even that ones that weren't good for him) and held and loved him as much as I could.  He went peacefully in my arms and I believe that he was ready to go.  I set up a residency for him and that helps me some.  I also had him cremated and got the ashes back.  I may plant a rosebush in memory of him.  My heart is with you.
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My heart goes out to you.  I am certain that our beloved babies are in a better place waiting for us to join them.  It has been 4 weeks and sometimes I feel like myself but other times I cry or feel sad.  I think some of the light left my life when Muffin did.  I do believe that the pain will lessen and the sadness will diminish.  The love and the memories will not.
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