I have an 18 year old cat with a chronic UTI and a 12 year old St Bernard with arthritic knees and some hip dysplasia. I'm quite certain that neither of them will see the end of the summer but I am really struggling with making the decision to put them down. Do I put one down before the other? At the same time? They both have good and bad days in terms of symptoms but the thing I'm struggling with the most is that their personalities haven't changed. My dog still gets excited and bounces around when I come home from work every day and my cat is still a big goof who likes banging on doors and drinking out of the tub. Friends have told me that they just knew when it was time for their pets because of a change in their demeanor and behaviour. I don't see that yet in my pets.

I feel selfish and I feel guilty because I don't know what to do. Any advice or experiences would be greatly.
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I always asked 3 questions, Are they still happy? Are they still eating and drinking? Are they in pain? I know their can be many other factors to consider. People tell you ‘ you will know when it’s time ‘ I don’t believe that’s always the case. I vet teched for yrs and I’m not sure I knew the right time with my own dog. How attached are they to each other? That’s another hard one to consider, if one is gone and you know the other only has a limited amount of time left, will that remaining time be spent grieving? They are both beautiful, even in black and white❣️ Your kitty reminds me of one I had, he was orange and white, I think a rag doll he had all the characteristics but he was a stray so I don’t know. Your St Bernard how majestic they are, I would have loved to have one of those gentle giants. I know you’d like some guidance and I know I haven’t really helped, it’s such a difficult and personal decision and you don’t want to wait until they are truly suffering but for now it sounds like they are enjoying their life, despite the ailments that come with age and existing conditions. Take care till than,,,,,,
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I have a similar list of questions I ask myself when thinking about this decision-  

Is the pet still eating and drinking, and able to keep food down?
Is he comfortable?
Is he content?
Is he ambulatory?
Does he have control of bowel and bladder?

The last one is perhaps the most difficult.  I always dread having a pet that is fine in every other way but is incontinent, and I pray that when that happens there will be other factors as well.  When a dog is no longer interested in eating or drinking that can be a sign that death is near.  My thoughts are with you as you make this hard decision for your loved ones.  -Dachsiemom

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