I Lost one doggie in 2017 (he was 14 not more than a few days notice ) and one this last January ...he was only 4 and got run over by a car in front of me . A freakIsh accident.

not a good year for anyone . 

in December I had a heart issue , January I lost my 4 year old dog and  then Covid not too long after that Came to further mess with all I knew and for me getting another dog ...kinda too tough with so many restrictions  . This sucks so bad. I’m not forgetting them ever . I wish they were by my side and me by their side. Such love they gave me . I’m sure all of you know . Pretty messed up to say the least . Hope I get to be in the same state of things as they are in at some point??? Who knows ...what and if that is ...
.I sure hope so though.

Toby’s Dad
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