I am new to this site
my baby girl die on Wednesday 24-2-2016
she had no ill health except her eye
we was only going to the vets for a check up on her eye
she wasn't stressed (normally she get very stressed being a bulldog sometime she cant breath
she didn't like going to the vets)
the only thing I can thing was different she laid down twice which she don't normally do
in the waiting room
has soon as it was our turn to be seen, we walk into the room, my other dog went to have hes blood done.
Maddie stay with me, she started to wobbly and her front leg tuck under the nurse check her gums and then pick her up and took her for oxygen
my vet came back and said she has died
they open her chest to see if they could get her heart beating but they couldn't
my vet said there was nothing wrong with her heart he don't know why its happen
I cant sleep I keep thinking is it something I done
its not knowing why my baby died
she was only 7 years old
I miss her so so IMG_0692.JPG   much xxxxxxxxxxxx

can anyone give me an answer please

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Dorothy, so very sorry for your loss of Maddie.  Sometimes we just don`t know why these awful things happen to our beloved animals.  We want to know why, need answers to what went so wrong so suddenly.    We all think we could possibly have done something different, and maybe even blame ourselves, when in reality there was absolutely nothing you could have done - even your vet couldn`t save her.
  You have come to the best possible place - this site is full of wonderful caring people, all going through the same sad losses. 
                                     Hugs to you, Jackie.
J Taylor
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Oh I wish I had an answer for you but I just don't.  Only that all of us here are asking the same question no matter if the illness has been LONG or way too short like your Maddie.  We are all finding a way to ask ourselves if we could have done more somehow even though our intellect tells us we did everything we could, our HEARTS are telling us we didn't do enough or did something wrong.

Goodness, you were right there and in a Vet office.  What happened would have happened no matter where you were or what you did.  Some things in this world there are just simply NO answers for.  And I realize that this isn't helpful for you at all, but we are ALL asking for answers or more time, trust me on this one.

My baby Molly had a stroke----which is very uncommon in dogs---so WHY????  She was 14, but just fine that day.   We took a walk and all was well until the afternoon and then my life ended.  Please know that I can relate to your pain and wish I could answer your question, but all I can do is grieve with you.  YOU ARE NOT ALONE.
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I have lost dogs before to illness.
but this time its different because I knew what happen to my other dogs
we don't with Maddie.
we had a change to say goodbye and to cuddle and tell them, we love them very much
 we didn't have a change to tell Maddie or cuddle her and to tell her we love her so much
my heart is hurting so much I cant breath
she didn't hurt no-one she loved everyone and everything
how can you take a dog to the vet for a eye check
and not come back home with her xx
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I am very sorry for your loss
dogs are not just dogs to people like us
they are a very big part of our family
so when we lose one it break how heart
only animal lover understand the pain 
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Dear Dorothy,

I can't help you to understand and make any sense of what happened. It must have been terrible for you and I feel your pain and, I guess, disbelief / shock. It seems to have been just a complete coincidence that Maddie was at the vets.

What I can say for sure is that there's loads of support here for you - from people who understand and who care.

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