We have a 15 yo chihuahua with a great record of near perfect health.  We noticed her lymph nodes were huge a month ago and took her to the vet.  They did an asperate and it came back high-probability for lymphoma.  She hasn't had many symptoms since other than weight loss, a slight decrease in appetite but still eating, and also a weird one:  She's been falling over maybe once every other day or so.  She'll lose her feet under her or just fall to her side and lays there still.  I'll pick her up and she'll be limp for a few seconds and then it's over and she's completely fine.  Strange.  Perhaps the cancer is starting to attack her central nervous system and she's having balance problems.  Has anyone heard of this or dealt with something similar?  Thanks!
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I am so sorry to hear about your Chihuahua.
I don't know anything about lymphoma but my parents had a Jack Russell some years ago and she used to loose her balance and fall on her side sometimes. She would begin by showing signs of having something stuck in the back of her throat, wheeze and then loose control and then fall over, however she would get back up again. What does your vet think about your dogs symptoms? I do hope they can help..please keep us posted.

Sending positive thoughts

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