My darling Lulu. I can't believe it's been nearly two months since I lost you the pain is still deep. I miss you so very much and look for signs from you all the time. I bought a mini rose tree and asked for a sign and a rose bud came then more. Everything I do feels empty without you, life's got in the way of my grieving for you at times, work, family etc but every day I think of you and need you. As I'm writing this in bed you would pitter patter down the hall to lie on your bed you liked it on your bed as it was cooler for you than on the bed with me but even though you couldn't bear being too hot you still followed me to be close to me and I loved that it made me feel good and I used to talk to you and say nite nite. I think of how you just loved food you would've eaten anything and I spoiled you bit too much with chews pigs ears and chicken I tried to control your appetite but you just loved food you were so thin when we got you from the rescue I think you made up for the first year and half of your life. We were destined to love you and give you your forever home I just expected to have twice as much time with you, six was so young I hope so much that I made you happy baby girl you so deserved every bit of happiness. I hope I gave you that. I find it so hard to get past your last days, such a shock and to have to make that terrible decision. I remember everything and how just as the vet was going to put the needle in your little leg I wanted to shout No! I've changed my mind but something stayed me because you'd so obviously had enough of suffering and seemed to want to go. I also remember you looking up at me a few times because I was crying so hard as if to say you didn't want me upset so I said it's ok baby you can go it's alright it'll be alright. Love you so much Lulu thank you my sweet baby for bringing so much joy into my life. I will love you forever, until we meet again baby girl
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My thoughts are with you and Lulu. You had such a bond and that shines through. Lulu will love you dearly for those wonderful 6 years you gave her.
Love you forever and ever and I will be there for you xx
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