I had to put my 13 year old Beagle Luke down Monday morning. His gall bladder ruptured during the night. He has been winding down for a year. He was on heart medication, medication for a bad hip, and he had Cushings disease.

I knew his time was coming and I thought I was prepared. My heart is broken and I can find no joy in this big empty world. I just want him back. 021012152528.jpg
Cathy Olsen
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Hi Cathy,

I know exactly how you feel.  My Charlie was 15 1/2 and I knew he was getting older and slowing down for quite some time but I wasn't ready.   Even if we think we're prepared, we're never really ready to say the final goodbyes.  I'm at the same place you are about the joy being gone and the world seeming empty.  I want my Charlie cat back to.  I'm so sorry that we all have to feel this way.

I just joined last night and so far, I've been welcomed by some very compassionate members who know exactly what I'm going through. 

Its a beautiful picture of Luke.  He has such sweet eyes and I'm sorry that you lost your boy. :(


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I am sorry you lost your beautiful Luke.  You are right, no matter how much time we have to know they will be leaving us there is still that gut-wrenching feeling of loss when it happens and the
world goes dark.  One day you will smile again at the memories.  for now I'm sending you prayers of healing and love.


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Hi Cathy,
My heart goes out to you after saying goodbye to your beautiful boy, Luke.  He has such a sweet little face.  I know the overwhelming heartache that you are feeling right now and I know the feeling of thinking that you are prepared, but being absolutely crushed anyway. Nothing can prepare us for the enormous hole that is left in our family when our dearly loved companions leave for Rainbow Bridge.  
I love, love, love beagles.  I lost my gorgeous beagle, Bella, 5 months ago and am heartbroken.  I know that beagles are a beautiful breed of dog.....pure love all wrapped up in the sweetest, cutest furry little body with the loveliest deep brown eyes I have ever looked into.
Beagle sign (205x272).jpgYou were truly blessed and privileged to have been chosen to be Luke's mommy, just as I was when I became Bella's mummy.  As hard as this is now that they are gone, we would not trade one second of what we had with them to take away this pain.  It is the price that we are prepared to pay for the deep bond that we had.
Hold your memories in your heart.  Luke will always be there with you.  I hope that soon you can remember him with more smiles than tears.
I wish you peace and healing.

(Bella, Charli and Buddy's very lucky mum)

My gorgeous girl, Bella  26/07/2004 - 03/04/2014
"You were once by our side, but you will be forever in our hearts. Until we meet again baby girl."
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I am so very sorry for the loss of your sweet precious Luke.

The beginning raw searing pain of new grief is just awful.

They take a piece of us when they go,

But they leave a piece of them with us also.

Grief is awful and there is nothing else like this pain.

I am divorced - when I was married I buried my son- at that time I became a Certified Grief Counselor- I used the same graveside service for my Bear as I did for my son.

Please know that when we lose someone we love we don't stop loving them -


The soul bound connection that is between our babies and ourselves is forever.

Nothing - not death- tears -grief - or sadness will ever break the ties between us for those ties are made of LOVE so strong that NOTHING will ever sever those connections.


When we grieve for those we love it is because we do not quite know how to live without them. We breathe because we have no choice but the living part takes a huge amount of learning and time.

Grief is not something we get over but something that we learn -slowly- over time- to incorporate into our lives until it becomes a part of us like our bones and our breath.

Please know that we all understand here and we are all here for you.

Please come back and tell us more about your life with your beautiful baby so we can get to know him better through you.

We are all in this together and all walking the same roller coaster path of grief together -

some a bit ahead of you, some by your side, and some will come behind for you to help along.

If you read the beginning of any one of our threads you will see yourself. I, literally, walked in circles wringing my hands. My chest constantly hurt as I was unknowingly holding my breath.

You Are In My Thoughts.                                       



In one of the stars, I shall be living.

In one of them, I shall be laughing.

And so it will be as if all the stars were laughing when you look at the sky at night.

~ The Little Prince, Antoine de Saint-Exupery



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I Am Not There

By Mary Elizabeth Frye (1905-2004)

Do not stand at my grave and weep,

I am not there. I do not sleep.

I am a thousand winds that blow.

I am the diamond glints on snow.

I am the sunlight on ripened grain.

I am the gentle autumn's rain.

When you awaken in the morning's hush,

I am the swift uplifting rush

of quiet birds in circled flight.

I am the soft stars that shine at night.

Do not stand at my grave and cry,

I am not there, I did not die.



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