Today I lost my Luke to Cytauxzoonosis. He was only a year and a half old but he had captured my whole heart! He went from being perfectly healthy to being gravely sick almost overnight. Has anybody had any experience with this? I rushed Luke to the vet and they did all they could but this disease is almost always fatal. It’s caused by a tick bite from a tick that had previously been feeding on a bobcat, transmitting the disease to the domestic cat. They treated with fluids and antibiotics and steroids but after 3 days, he died. I am gonna miss my baby so very much. He slept right beside me and always got up in the morning when I did, watched me have coffee and then went in about his day outside until I got home from work. Then he would come in at night and we would do it all over again. I’m just devestated. I was expecting to have him 15 years like my other cats. 😭
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Oh Teisha, such a tragic and unexpected loss! You didn't have much time with your sweet Luke. It is so unfair!! I do think it sounds like he experienced a lot of love in his short lifetime and I know he gave that back to you.
I haven't had experience with this type of tick but I wanted to offer my heartfelt sympathy.
I am so sorry! 😢 Sending hugs,
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