We had to make the awful decision 2 weeks ago to have our 6 year old Staffy put to sleep due to aggressive behaviour. That morning I passed my wife an envelope and lotty bite my arm and as my wife tried to get her outside she bite my wife 3 time.
We made the call to the vet and it was a struggle to get her to the car but we did.We had Lotty since she was a pup and was such a loving dog. I feel so much guilt and regret over this and I'm not ashamed to say I've shed a few tears.

We have seen a pet councillor at the same vets who said we made the right decision but it just goes around my head all the time did We? Was there something we could of done instead of this.

To all who have lost a beloved pet I feel your pain and grief.
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I am very sorry for your loss of Lotty 2 weeks ago. Having to to euthanize a beloved dog is always a difficult decision. And your extenuating circumstances must really complicate your grief and your understanding of everything that happened.  

It is very good, in my opinion, that you are able to see and talk to a pet councilor about all of this. It was very traumatic for you wife, both the biting and then the need to euthanize. I feel for you deeply.

Tasha's Dad

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