I lost my beloved sweetie in April and month later came home to a dead cat. Now my baby Dexter is very sick at only 11 months
Spent $400 so far on tests and no ideas. I am heartbroken. He is not doing well at all. I am so sick about losing my babies
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My condolences, I know what it's like. I'm saying some prayers for your pets and for you.
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I am so sorry to hear about your terrible losses.  These babies mean so much to us.  You must be heartbroken to lose so many so close together.  This is the place for you to be for sure.  We all understand all too well what it means to love these little loves.

Holding you close to my heart.
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awwww ET my heart goes out to you, and yes too many losses in such a close period of time takes toll of your heart....Praying your baby Dexter....please keep posting and many prayers your way!


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