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I just can't imagine how hard it is dealing with 2 losses in one week. Please take your time grieving 
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I am so sorry to hear about you losing your two sweet cats so close together.  Unfortunately, I can relate.  I had three cats, two that I got from the animal shelter 15 years ago.  I think that they were litter mates and I named them Bo and Daisy.  June 22nd I noticed that Daisy was having trouble walking so I immediately took her to the vet and it was determined that she'd had a stroke during the night. The only option was to put her to sleep. So devastated.  Almost immediately Bo started acting strangely.  He was always my "talker" and he stopped talking, not eating much, got lethargic, lost weight, and generally not himself.  I was sure that he was grieving for Daisy and on Monday I talked to the vet about it.  I decided to take him to the vet on Tuesday but when I opened the door to his sleeping area he was dead.  So I lost my two babies within five days.
It's hard to do but you have to keep in mind the joy and love that your two cats gave to you and how long you got to love them and they loved you.  Try not to dwell on the end of their lives as much as remembering the good times.  Believe me, I know how difficult this is but I hope that you will find peace.
Barbara Husack
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Ahh, thank you everyone - the replies have been amazing, reading the stories of your furry ones and all the love you gave them.   I wish I could give you all a hug because you know what I'm going through and have known this kind of pain.   When I think about it, we all couldn't hurt so much if we didn't love so much and being able to love like that is a wonderful gift.  It is hard right now, but I know I will get through this, going to be gentle with myself and just take the time I need.  I'm going to try to focus on all the good things I remember about my babies, like Riley playing his favorite mouse game on my tablet or Harry pawing at the alarm clock trying to get me up to feed him.  These are the things I'm going to remember and if I need to cry I will.
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My heart goes out to you and your family during this time.
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I love your line: When I think about it, we all couldn't hurt so much if we didn't love so much and being able to love like that is a wonderful gift. 

I think you are right. That is very well said. We were also lucky to have had such a close relationship with a pet. Many people never experience this. We were very lucky to have that kind of love and comfort in our lives with these specials souls.

I am like you, just going to take the time I need. I was going to go to something tonight but I don't feel up to it. I spent today making Andy's memorial page and this is making me sad too...that darn music! Of course I picked the saddest song they had! Time in a Bottle, lol.

Yes remember all the good things! Remember the happy times with your kitties! 

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It's so hard to lose more than one so close together. It's happened many times to me. 

THat decade is for sure a long time. We spend a good portion of our lives with them in that special bond.

Yes, how lucky we are to have had those relationships.

My heart goes out to you.
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Thanks again everyone, Marie it sounds like your Raven was very special and the same for your Andy Lisa.  And Barb, I am so sorry you have lost 2 babies so close together as well.  It is like you get hit with one loss and then before you can even begin to recover another happens.    It is very hard.  I am going up and down in emotions, better at some times, feeling great guilt or sadness in others.  I did finally get some sleep last night, but had weird dreams that bothered me.  I've had several dreams about not being about to save my babies and those really hurt.  I'm thinking about talking things over with my vet to see if that would help my guilt out any, there's also a couple of pet loss support groups in the area and I'm thinking about going to one.   I'm still fighting my anxiety trying to come back over this and I definitely don't want it to get worse, so I'm going to reach out for all the help I can.

I do have one other kitty Swishy and she has been sleeping with me at night.  It just feels empty without my other 2 being there and I have a stuffed animal to sleep with too, my niece just gave it to me.  It's funny about the stuffed animals, I've never been one for them, but my niece has given me a couple lately, she is only 8 and seems to sense I'm hurting.  My husky Skyla has even started to sleep at the foot of my bed, something she has never done before.   The other night she layed her head on a throw pillow and just looked at me as if she understood.   My other husky Shadow loved the cats and definitely seems to be grieving, he seems so sad.  He was like a mother to them and would even clean them, they would come up to him to get groomed it was so funny.

Sending my thoughts and prayers to everyone who is hurting too.  Hopefully together we can help each other through these difficult times.
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