My kids and I lost our 15 year old dachshund last week. I’ve been doing okay until today, and today feels like a never ending black tunnel. We have another dachshund who is also 15 and with failing kidneys. Normally I believe my fur babies are still with us and that it is harder for us humans, but in these moments I’d really like some confirmation. I know the confirmation is there if I’m just open to it, but so hard when the grief hits. And I worry about my other pup. Is he uncomfortable because of the kidney issues? He’s never looked for a fur sibling after they have passed, but does he know? Is he lonely? I can take ibuprofen for a headache, but there’s nothing to ease this.
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Hey atkbesbc,
I'm very sorry to hear about the loss of your dachshund. 15 years is a pretty long time for a dog. It is just the beginning so you are possibly still in denial, this is normal. As for your other dog, try not to worry about him. He could live longer. I have a mini schnauzer who is 14. I have had her since I was 5. I've been worried about her dying, but really, no one really knows when people or animals are going to die. It is scary, but that is why we must enjoy the time we still have with them. My uncle had a German Shorthair Pointer named Buddy. When my uncle passed in 2012 due to a heart attack in his sleep, Buddy was very depressed for a while. He would not walk around, he would not greet people or give attention, he knew that his owner died. Guinea pigs are similar too. When you have multiple guinea pigs together and one of them passes, the remaining piggy will grieve because they know their cage mate is gone. Kinda crazy, isn't it? Animals can sense when we are sad, scared, or happy. Try to spend more time with your dog and let him know you are there for him.
"Every world has its end. I know that's kinda sad but... that's why we gotta live life to the fullest in the time we have." -Sonic the Hedgehog
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Hi Allison,
It’s unfortunate that there is no pill we could take to make the loss more bearable.
From what you describe it sounds like the reality of your loss has started to settle in and it is so painful. I agree with Ruby with regard to your other dog. He will likely need more of your attention now and you can also lean on him and grieve together. Animals have such good senses. I believe he knows you are in pain and will want to be there to comfort you as well. I’m so sorry for your loss! Sending hugs,
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