We lost our little Kira today, a rescue calico kitty we found who was just shy of 8 months old. It was sudden and there was nothing we could do. She just stopped eating over the Memorial Day weekend, and she was too far gone by the time we took her to the vet. She was dehydrated and her liver was too badly damaged, the doc said. I am devastated that I didn't do enough to save her. I feel like I shouldn't own pets any longer because I couldn't keep my precious kitty safe. I've hardly been able to stop crying all day. We never got to say goodbye before she died, and I can't help feeling like she passed alone and in pain. And I'm heartbroken by this most of all. I feel lost without her. I know time heals all wounds, but her young age, sweet nature, and the suddenness of it has sent me reeling. Why bring death so soon to a creature so innocent and sweet? I'd appreciate any help anyone can provide. 
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terribly sorry for your loss.  So sad
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I'm so sorry for your loss...She was a beautiful baby!

At this point, there's nothing anyone can say to ease the pain of this sudden and tragic loss. There's no explanation for this...I'm really sorry you have to go through this but know that eventually the sadness will fade and the pain will ease. Everybody here knows what it's like to lose a loved fur baby and I'm sure she knew she was loved.

I think all pets have a specific time for which they are allowed to be on this earth with us and are here to teach us something; you must have learned what she was here to teach you, even if you don't know what it is yet. The time your spent with her, you did everything right and you are not a vet, you couldn't have known what was wrong with her. Even sometimes vets can't figure it out.

Please don't swear off adopting other animals; the fact that this devastates you so much shows that you are a caring person and I know other pets will need your love eventually.

I was fortunate enough to have time to say goodbye to my 16 year old kitty but it didn't lessen the sadness at first. I also wrote him a letter to thank him for the time he was with me and expressed everything to him he needed to know. I've received signs that he heard me so it's comforting.

I wish you peace and comfort soon.

Take care,
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Hey. I just read your post. I lost my calico kitty too about the Same​ age. She just disappeared. I like to think that she is in an alternative universe, or some other higher dimension which is better than here. Because you know it's True, Calicos are magic, and i truly believe it.
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Our Pets suffer with the same
exact physical problems that
we suffer from.

Even Babies are born
with terrible physical
problems that may
never be corrected.

It is life. And,this life
is more than often
very very painful.

But,we are here to 
comfort one another
and to be a friend to
our fellow sufferers.

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