Hello everyone. On Sunday, we euthanized our kitty Angel. She was my mom's cat, but I was still very close to her. I lost my cat Princess six months ago from yesterday as well. Both of our kitties lived amazingly long lives of 21 years, and oddly, they passed away in the months that we had gotten them so many years ago. 

Angel had never seen sick a day in her life, although she had been showing the signs of kidney disease like drinking more and urinating more. This weekend, she had become more vocal with my mom and on Sunday morning, she started bleeding from the place that she pees. It was bright red and quite a lot of blood, and I came home to rush her to the vet. At the vets, he bleeding slowed down and became a pinkish colour. They did a physical exam and found that her kidneys were half the size of normal. Mom opted not to run any tests on her since Angel was a very skittish kitty and those tests would probably traumatize her. She decided that the best thing for Angel was to let her go peacefully. 

I'm okay with her decision, I didn't want Angel to suffer needlessly. I can't help but wonder if she would've gotten better though. They said that she was severely dehydrated and would need to be put in to the ICU and kept, and that isn't right for Angel. She should be at home with the people who love her. I know this is probably grief talking, because I went through this with my kitty Princess, but it seems that she showed one symptom and was euthanized. I wonder if they could've stabilised her. With Princess, she went into respiratory distress and they wouldn't had to keep her in the ICU and I didn't want that for her. She was blind and I wanted her to be with me. 

The vet didn't know exactly what was wrong with Angel, so we don't know for sure what happened. She wasn't a kitty that you could give pills to either, and she hated when you tried to open her mouth. So even if she got meds, it would've been stressful to her to take them. 

It just seems so sudden, she started bleeding and then four hours later, mom decides to euthanize her. It was very sudden with Princess too, one day she was okay and then in the morning she is having trouble breathing. 

Was it the right decision to euthanize Angel without even running any tests? Were the shrunken kidney, dehydration and bleeding reason enough to? It was just the beginning of a road of suffering for her, wasn't it? I worry that it was too soon. 

Thank you for listening
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Hi, Im so sorry to hear about the loss of your Angel. My beloved kitty died from complications of kidney failure. His kidneys were in full failure and the vet decided to "flush" them which caused him to go into congestive heart failure. I'm not a vet but they probably would have had you give her intravenous fluids at home. My kitty seemed ok one day and within the next few days he went into congestive heart failure. I think you did the humane thing by letting her go. You wouldnt have wanted Angel to suffer right? Kidney disease is awful. I hope you soon find peace with your humane decision.
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