He was 13 , one is 1 of 3 of my Furry babies . He was the sweetest boy . As much as I hated being lock down because of covid , now I’m actually happy that I spend his last months being home all the time and giving him all the attention I usually would not with the busy life around me . The diagnosis of brain tumor came fast and out of no where and he went down so fast . What is killing me that I always supported the end of life for sick people on their turn , before they loose their personality but the decision I had to make was hard , like who made me a god to decide when it’s time , I miss him dearly , my other 2 furry babies are sad too ,almost 3 weeks after it. I’m also angry and lashing out on everyone around me 
it’s too much to bare
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Dear Elliez, we feel your pain here. Most of us have had to make these decisions and they are truly the hardest in life.  And it's easy to think one way until forced to make the decision, but it is the last compassionate gift we can give our babies.  I'm so sorry about your sweet Teddy.  I'm sure you being home the past few months meant everything to him. ❤
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