I lost my kitty Cooper of 16 years on new years day. He had a slow gradual decline and it was still hard to let go even though I’m happy he’s no longer suffering. My other kitty Calvin, 13, started going downhill after Cooper died. They were best friends their whole lives, and my best friends. I didn’t know how seriously ill Calvin was until today, it all happened pretty quick. He got an xray and they were concerned about his stomach, they did exploratory surgery, he almost died right in front of me from the anethsesia, turned blue and stopped breathing, it was traumatizing. They were able to stabalize him but they found a large tumor on his stomach and more spreading through his abdomen. I made the decision to let him go. I’m having a harder time than the first. Feeling very lost and devistated, my house feels so empty. Love you forever Coop and Cal <3
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I am so sorry for your cats. One and half month ago i lost my cat too ....he run into motorway. He was almost 2 years. It have to be really terrible that you lost two cats almost in the same time. Maybe i know how you feel and maybe no but i can imagine your pain and you have to just forget(like me) or equalize with it. 
sometimes we have no choice..
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I’m so very sorry for your losses of Cooper and now Calvin. I lost my two little dogs very close together and I’m still not over it so I empathize and sympathize with your feelings. The thing that gives me the most comfort is knowing they are together so I hope that can help you even though the pain is fierce.
Hugs to you!
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