Gabby was our sweet pug who would have been 6months at the end of the month. There was a freak accident while she was out playing her collar got caught on a branch which choked her and we found her too late. I can't get over how horrifying this has all been. She was my spunky pug one minute and now she's gone forever. I feel as if the tears will never end and the pain is unbearable. I failed in keeping her safe and that haunts me. I can't stop thinking of her, stealing socks, chasing our other pug.. Licking my face.. The grief is almost too much to bear
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Gabbysmom  I am so very sorry for your loss.  Gabby was a beautiful baby.  You were not responsible for her accident.  Please don't feel guilty.  All of ud here are grieving and feeling guilt about our pets.  I don't believe you could have been it time to save her.  Blessings  Sue
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I am so so sorry for your loss.  Your words convey how devastated you are and I am so sorry for you and Gabby.  A tragic accident is exactly that, an accident . . .  No matter how we try to look out for those so loved, sometimes accidents happen . . .No consolation I know.  Your grief is so new and so close - and she was so young.  It is ok to let the tears fall - Gabby was much adored.  Grief is overwhelming and no matter what we have done or not done most of us complicate grief and heartache with guilt.  This, I know from experience, is an emotion that will 'eat us up' inside - it does feed on itself.  [I still struggle with guilt over the decision to say goodbye to my girl a little over 2 months ago now] These days will be like riding a roller coaster and riding it through a dense fog that doesn't seem to end.  There are so many kind and compassionate people here to listen who know and understand.  There is always a shoulder to lean on through the hurt, the remorse and the tears.  You have come to the right place.   Warm thoughts  . . . 
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Oh dear I am soooooo sorry to hear your story.  I know you will feel guilty about this for a very long time, but it was just a freak accident and certainly NOT intentional.  We all manage to place guilt on ourselves no matter the circumstances we seem to find a way to feel guilty about something.  Try to remember you didn't intend this to happen.

Try to be kind to yourself and I just KNOW that my Molly was there to meet Gabby when she ran across the Bridge.  Try to keep that picture in your head to replace the one that is running on a never ending loop right now.  You gave her love and that is all they ask of us.
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Read the Bible scriptures that this website has on one of its pages, there is a link for it on the same page that has links to these forums. God's word and His scriptures will grant you solace and encouragement, knowing how much He loves His creation and has a place in Heaven, and plans for, His animals, such as those whom He blesses our lives with. God cares so much about these dear ones, and He is in control of their destiny. I'm praying to God for all of these wonderful beautiful creatures. My condolences.
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Gabbysmom, so sorry to hear about your baby.  You were both blessed to find each other and she was so lucky to have you as her mom.  This freak accident definitely was not your fault and I am sure you did everything you could to provide your baby a safe place to live. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

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Hi Gabbysmom, i am soooo sorry for your baby pup...and yes a freak accident.  I know all/many of us will go thru the guilt phase on how to prevent any animal from "crossing"....but guilt just sucks the life out of you and when you are grieving it doesn't help to heal. I guess the most important thing you did was love Gabby and did everything possible to be the greatest mom to him and that is what he remembers the love that you shared.


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I am so sorry, so sorry...

Although my girl Katie died of cancer, I felt so guilty of not having noticed anything early on, maybe not given her the nutrition she needed, not spending enough time with her, putting her to sleep etc etc....

We all feel the guilt ..... and yes, I now know, there is a plan for every creature on earth. And some are called back too soon for our understanding. And yet, there might be a special place in eternity for our babies, and we do not know about this place yet. We have to trust.

Please come back often and seek all the support you need. Let the tears flow and tell your baby, how much you love her.

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