I could not afford the $300/month corticosteroid inhaler needed to manage her asthma; all I could afford was her albuterol.

Q was going through a bad patch so I took her in to the vet last Tues. Her breathing improved, but I was having to force food & liquid into her. By Weds night, her little body just wore out; she passed away at home, in my arms. She was 8 years old.

There is a hole in my heart.
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I am soooo sorry for you loss.  These babies are our heart and soul and it hurts so badly when we lose them.  I hate that money determines care but let's face it------it does for US as well.  Please don't beat yourself up over not being able to afford what they recommended, I'm sure what you did was enough.  Sounds like she just couldn't handle her illness any longer and you wouldn't have wanted her to be in pain.

Sending you hugs and want you to know that on this site we ALL know how you are feeling right now.  We have been there and some of us don't seem to be making much progress in getting on with life as we all must at some point.

Take care.
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Thank you, beaglemomma.
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So very sorry, Q looks a gorgeous little cat. You obviously did everything in your power to help. but sometimes it`s all out of our hands. At least she would have known you were holding her when she passed, but its heartbreaking when we have to lose our beloved animals.
 Try and remember the happy times you had together, I started to write a diary when we lost our dog 10 weeks ago, and found it a great help, as is being on this caring site. 
           Hugs to you, Jackie. x
J Taylor
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