I had to say goodbye to my sweet baby boy, Rascal, who suffered from chronic renal failure.  He was the sweetest cat I ever knew and loved everybody he encountered.  In turn, everyone loved him.  He was the most loving and happy cat and I am devastated.  He was diagnosed in April but only because he was brought to the vet for a completely unrelated problem.  While there, they checked his blood because he was 8 years old and found his BUN and creatin levels sky high.  My husband and I were completely shocked and actually had them run his blood again to make sure it wasn't a mistake.  He was the happiest and healthiest cat in the world!  What followed was hospitalization, a number of daily medications, prescription food only, bi-weekly vet visits, but he still never had any symptoms.  We did everything we could to treat the disease and he remained symptom-free until last week.  I could tell something was wrong because he was sleeping under the covers.  We took him to the vet and found out his renal blood levels were as high was when he was first diagnosed.  However, he never showed symptoms then, so why now?  Day by day he got progressively worse and it was absolutely heartbreaking to watch my happy, sweet baby boy suffer.  He became lethargic and eventutally stopped eating completely.  I couldn't bear to bring him to back to the vet in this state and contacted a kind vet who made a house call.  My sweet Rascal was put to sleep in our bed, where he slept every night, and the last words he heard were "I love you," whispered over and over again in his ears.  I am devastated and everything reminds me of him.  He was only 8 and I feel like a part of me is missing and there is a hole in my heart.  This loss is so hard for me to deal with and miss him so much sometimes I can't bear it.  It all seem to happen so fast and I didn't get time to prepare for this.  I am truly devastated...
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I am so sorry to hear that you had to say good-bye to your precious rascal.  I am so glad that you were able to have a  vet come over and help Rascal go to the RB.  My Nico died of chronic renal failure and I know very well  the ups and downs of that disease.  Your baby was so young.  I know it feels as though there are times when you won't be able to bear it; come here and talk to all of us when that happens.  We know the love that you share with your baby boy; we know the pain that you are experiencing now.

Thinking of you..


Karen,Kudo and Nico's mom
Earth mom to Marco and Bella
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Cookie:  Your post is so filled with the pain you now feel and the deep love you have for Rascal.  My friend was a dog and 5 yrs, he died suddenly from renal failure on 7/26/10.  We had no idea.  He was at the vet's (again) when he died, I never got to say goodbye or say I love you.  My last sight of him was the vet carrying him back to ICU.  I wish I could help ease the pain we all suffer, because it is overwhelming.  I do understand the loneliness and emptiness you and yours are feeling.  Just know that I and sooooo many others are here for you.  This forum has given me a place to go to express my loss to others who understand.  Keep writing, keep sharing.  Don't give up Cookie -- Rascal knew your deep love during life and now too.

Love and prayers,
Tuffy's Mom
Death leaves a heartache no one can heal;
Love leaves a memory no one can steal.

Tuffy, My Puppy Love
June 20, 2005-July 26, 2010

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Tuffy's Mom has great insight.  I am so sorry for your loss.  I wish I had words to make you feel better.  Losing our beloved companions is one of the hardest things we will endure in this life.  I think it has something to do with the unconditional nature of the love they give.  I am happy that you were able to say goodbye.  I think it offers some smidgen of solace.
Barbara Lyngarkos
My Beloved Ted 8/7/2005 - 7/7/10
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