I lost my Sammy a four year old Papillion which was a very loving, friendly, energetic, to severe kidney failure and some stomach problems. It has been two months that we have been caring for him and it just got too much. We got him as a rescue at one and a half years old from a rescue, He was very afraid but came around very quickly and became a loving friend to everyone that came and met him. It has been two days now and I cannot stop crying and needed to tell someone and to talk to someone. Four years is not enough time and he was cheated out of a great and loving life. sam2.jpg
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I'm so sorry about your Sammy. He was such a cute guy. How blessed for you both that you found each other. In your short time together yiu shared so much love. Love that he might have not experienced had you not found him at the rescue and took him into your home and your heart.
There are no words to make the grief go away. Our Buddy went to the Rainbow bridge 9 days ago. I am starting to feel happy moments where I can't help but smile at some wonderful fun antics of his. But other times I can't stop the tears like yesterday when we picked up his ashes.
Sending you hugs and support.

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Sammy looks so cute. What a beautiful face. So sorry you have lost him. It hurts really bad at first and takes time to start to recover from their passing. It will get easier but it's so hard when you're used to having them with you.
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I think it is wonderful that you rescued your Sammy! He certainly is a cute little fellow and he sounds like he had a lovely disposition. You're right: 4 years is not very long. He should have had a longer life and you should have had more time to spend together before he became ill.
I'm so sorry for your loss!! Take Care!
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I'm so sorry for you loss of Sammy. What a handsome little guy. I know that 4 years is not long. I think if our babies lived to be 100 it still wouldn't be long enough. Grief is a horrible roller coaster of worrying. Sometimes you can only take it minute by minute, hour by hour or day by day. Don't hold it in.They say tears release toxins from our bodies from our grief. Be kind to yourself. I'm glad that you found this forum. We know what you are going through. Sending hugs and prayers.
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Oh sweetie, soooo sorry for your loss. I know the pain you had with losing your beloved at just 4 years. I lost my 2 year old Samoyed a month ago tomorrow, he died of sudden heart attack.

Hugs and be kind to yourself. You loved Sammy deeply and he knows it..give yourself time to grieve..Praying for you!

Frosty Joy 5/14 - 7/16
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I thank all of you for your thoughts and kind words. It is coming on to a week now and things are not getting any better,  Missing him is so deep I don't know where to go, again thanks to all
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2.5 years with you is just a blink of an eye. I "only" got 5.5 years.

We were definitely cheated out of some good, long years.

Please take care of yourself and know that we are all here for each other.

Take care!

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