When I first held you my heart melted. When I last held you it broke...
Beginning of October '14 I started my kitten hunt. Lasted many more weekends then I had planned. Giving up on the frustrating process of adoption fairs I found myself at the Fairfax Animal Shelter playing with one of the few kittens they had. He had a funny name and the same markings of the kittens I liked at the fair. Told the workers I'd be back the next morning to adopt. They told me a man was playing with him earlier and was also coming back the following morning with his kid. I was there before they opened waiting to be the first online. I beat that man and daughter to Tuna!! He was always crazy and loved to bite, usually in a fun playful way. I have the scars to prove it...and the scars when he was just being a little snot and not playful. He liked playing fetch. It was the only routine to get out of the house without him trying to follow.
Coming home always meant I could hear him meowing 2 floors down, as soon as I got into the building. Shifting things to one hand and trying to distract/scare/or grab him as he tried to make an escape. He'd always give affection when asked. If I said "kisses" he'd pop up right next to me, nozzle with his cold nose and usually curl up for a catnap....after trying to lick my neck raw. He was a spitball and full of personality and energy.
Tuna, I'm happy I snatched you up, even if we only spent a year together. I'm devastated over what is now missing and I'm sad I'll never know if you would've calmed down into a wonderful mature cat (I doubt age would've stopped you). I'm glad I got to spend what would be our last days together snowed in, cuddled up on the couch, watching tv and not cleaning.
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Tuna's Buddy:  It doesn't matter how long you had with your Tuna...it is so painful. I am so sorry to read that he's gone. Yes coming home is wicked hard.  Was Tuna sick?  Hugs, KC
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