My beloved Callie walked over the rainbow bridge this afternoon. She was blind and had diabetes but lived super happy with that for 2 years. 3 weeks ago she got an ulcer in the eye and a sinus infection which a few days ago the vet told me there is a tumor between the eye and brain. She was getting confused and didn't know where to go. I want to make clear dogs are fine at being blind and can smell their way. For years she k ew where to go and never got lost and confused. She didn't look at u when u called her name. She was losing her strength in her back legs. Anyway my vet wanted to be with her and this morning came to our home. She was 12. I feel like I cannot live without her and how am I going to. I'm married to a wonderful husband for 17 years have 2 beautiful girls who are 9 years old and 3 months old. How can I go on
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Nklim  I am so very sorry for your loss of Callie.  It sounds like she did have a great life.  All of us here know Exactly how you are feeling.   My Winston was also 12.  Towards the end he also was confused, blind and mostly deaf.  I never got an exact diagnosis on him, as I couldn't afford testing. 

Time is the only true healer of our grief.  You have 2 beautiful children that will keep you busy, and popssibly take your mind off your grief for a while.  Many people on this forum have lost pets with the same symptoms as Callie.  You will get replys to your posts from many I'm sure.

In the mean time, stay strong.  Know that it is very Normal to grieve like you are doing.  All of us here are grieving in our own ways.   Blessings Sue
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Callie had the same symptoms my Bailey had, minus the blindness and diabetes.  I lost him on Tuesday and its been very sad around the house. I have two cats and they help, but the current loss of our dogs, our friends, is devastating.  I'm crying all the time. I hold his collar and anxiously keep going over that day to see if I did something or didn't do something that caused him to die.  Its definitely a very trying time for us all.

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I'm so sorry.

My Henry was blind and had degenerative myelopathy.  He was my foster dog for 14 months.  I lost him 3/31/16.  He was a rottweiler about 8 years old when he came to live with us.  He was totally blind, one eye removed.  It was AMAZING how quickly he got used to our house, the yard, everything.  They are very smart and use their other senses much more than we humans do.  It was so interesting to watch him.  I understand your pain very much.  I do think there is a even a more special bond between human/dog when there is a disability involved, the trust is....amazing.  Give yourself time to grieve all our pets are such a huge part of our hearts and families, the loss is deep.

Sue E
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