Until April 11 8am, I was the proud dad of a 2 yr old morkie name Mindy. She was a a teacup, teddy bear faced angel. A kindred soul. She passed away during a routine spay. I am crushed. My wife and son are devastated but it hit me hardest. She was definitely daddy's girl. When we first got her, I was all "what the hell is this thing", now I am a total wreck.

I am so filled with loss and sorrow. How such a little soul can take such a large pedicel of my heart.

Just need to vent....
Very sad
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OMG! MY heart BREAKS for you!!! It is always hard but to lose at such a tender age is really hard to handle!!!  I lost a 1 year old dog, Woody, years ago and truly I almost lost my sanity.  You'll get through this for your son.  I am so so so sorry.  I lost my dog, Eddie, after a routine surgery too but he was around 10 years so as devastated as I am as I still think he was too young to go....2 years, you were just robbed.  I'm sorry.  Give yourself time....gentle hugs.

Sue E
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So sorry for your loss, When it comes to our dogs, we are all kindred spirits here. Hopefully you will get some comfort by coming here.
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So so very sorry for your loss.  Such a young baby, it breaks my heart.  I believe the length of our babies lives makes absolutely no differance in how much we miss and grieve for them.  Prayers you get through this grief and pain.  Sue
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I am so sorry for your loss of Mindy.She was so young. We love them so much. The pain is so deep. No one knows why these things happen. So tragic. Talk often on the site. We will all help you.
Wishing you peace and healing at this most difficult time.
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I am so sorry for your loss. I lost my baby boy on Friday, April 8. The pain is unreal. I understand what you are going through, and although no one can't and the pain away, know that we all feel your pain. Love & light to you
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OMG I am so sorry! I lost my 16 yr. old Casey on 4/1 and I am still devastated. But the tears are less today. I picked up her ashes tonight so she is back with me and my husband and our other dog Bentley. I am so glad to have her home.

None of us will ever get over the loss of our "children". But keep posting on this forum, it has helped my tremendously to know that I am not alone. I'm sure I will be posting more tomorrow just to keep my sanity.

Stay in touch with all of us....we truly care and feel your pain.

Lots of hugs
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I am so sorry for your loss. To lose any pet is extremely difficult but at such a young age and during routine surgery? My heart breaks for you. Lost my best friend last week and hurting so much. Grieve as long as you need. We are all animal lovers or we wouldn't be here trying to help others get through our losses.
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