It's been a little over 24 hours since I lost my Pomeranian Chihuahua mix, Bruce. I only had him 8 months and he had just turned 1 year on the second of this month. Bruce and I found each other on Craigslist oddly enough. I was on the site looking for a new couch..and saw a post about a small puppy who needed a home. I opened the link and it was love at first sight. I picked him up that same day and we were attached ever since. I was a stay at home mom at the time while going to school and wherever I went Bruce was there. We named him Bruce because of his little Bat ears like Batman. He was perfecr in every way. No matter who pet him, he loved you instantly. He was the most gentle dog I'd ever seen. And he was my very first.

Last night I was making dinner and I heard a woman frantically asking if anyone in the neighborhood and a small black dog. Bruce had the tendency to be a little bit of an escape artist and we took measures to make sure the gates and fences were always closed but he somehow ended up getting out. So I had assumed that someone had just found him wandering around and didn't think anything of it when I went out but then I looked across the street and saw 5 people hovered in a circle and that's when my heart and stomach completely fell through me. Ran over to Bruce and I immediately knew he was not going to make it his eyes were rolled back and his tongue was out and he was breathing extremely fast so I got down on my knees with him spoke to him and as soon as I put my hand on him his breathing slowed to a stop. I paid to have him privately cremated and I will be getting his ashes back in a week or so. Every morning that I wake up I swear it's just a dream and I'm going to see him come up and pop his little head up on my bed to say good morning to me. He was such a part of my everyday routine and now I have no idea what to do with myself. I am absolutely shattered into pieces. He had the greatest life that a dog could ever want. I don't think there was any other dog who is as spoiled as he was and he deserved every little bit of it. I have no idea how to deal with this I can't even look at pictures or videos or anything but I do know that it's helping to talk to people about it. One of the people who was helping me with him put a jacket over him and another woman who was a complete stranger give me a little tiny basket to put him in. I didn't mean to you catch the glimpse of his face that I did but all I know is that image is going to be burned into my mind for a very long time. Whoever hit him with their car did not stop they just kept going and they left him there. I live next door to an animal rescue person and she examined his body and told me that everything was still intact and that he had no broken bones but a severe head injury so I'm just trying to get comfort from the fact that I don't think that he suffered because he went within 5 to 7 minutes. Life just isn't the same and I don't know when it's going to be better but I'm hoping that by sharing this story I can find other people who can relate.

Thank you for reading.
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Hi Shailab00,
That is so very heartbreaking - like a bad dream. I love the picture you posted of Bruce. Such a sweet little dog. I know how devasatating it is - we lost our little shihtzu, Bailey in November. The grief is so, so difficult but it does get slowly better. After a few weeks, I started writing in a journal to Bailey. I wrote down alll of his nicknames, little poems I found and just told him what was happening and how much I missed him. I later started a Memory book and am still working on that. It helped to feel like I could still do something for him (to honour his life) I know that right now you are likely just trying to process and cope with what has happened to your precious Bruce. I am so very sorry for your loss! Sending you hugs,
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I am so so sorry about your tragic loss of Bruce.  My goodness what an absolute cutie and yes those are definitely Batman ears!
You are heartbroken and probably still in shock,  and can imagine for so many different reasons - the loss of your special little one so soon and so needlessly is the worst of all.  But to think someone would callously continue on without stopping is unthinkable and another cruel, cruel blow.

The grief will be there and you will miss him each and every moment of the day.  There are no other words to say but to say it for what it is.  Tears will fall constantly and at the most inopportune moments over something as silly as starting to make dinner . . .  a lifetime of firsts now . . . 
Your love and care for Bruce was known by Bruce - 8 minutes, 8 weeks, 8 months, 1 year - our special ones know when they are loved, cared for and about and are in the hands of their humans. . . While I often believe everything happens for a reason, there are times and accidents like this that I wonder what could possibly be the reason for a short life of a much loved friend. . . . Only you will see this reason - and until then, you will be on the journey of grief.  Everyone experiences and deals with the grief differently and within a different time frame - it will have a life of its own . . .The ache and the pain are real, as grief is an ailment of the heart and the soul. .  .Questions, thoughts, doubt and anger will flood your mind at different times and in different proportions. . . Days will be a blur.  Take your time . . . while today you are unable to look at Bruce's picture someday down the road of grief you may want to spend many moments looking at his pictures . . . while today you are unable to put away his bowl, his leash, his toys someday down this road you may want to hug that toy and keep that bowl somewhere where it can still be a part of the household . . . You just need to give yourself the time  . . . And do take comfort that your little one felt no pain, did not suffer needlessly and felt your loving hand on him at the last . . . I wish I had the words, the 'advice' to take away the pain . . . Know you are not alone in this journey and this forum is a safe place to voice your thoughts, your emotions and find support and comfort from those who do understand this. . .  Bruce was your shadow by day as he went with you everywhere and he still is your shadow today - your shadow angel pup with his wings . . . 
Our love for our fur companions takes us from patience to love and then to loss - a journey filled with joy, happiness and ultimately pain.  A journey though that is well worth taking. . . 
Take care

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Dear Shailab00,

Bruce looks like such a cuttie. I can see why you named him after batman. I'm so sorry you have lost him at such as young age. It must seem so unfair after you found each other and had that special bond.
It's tragic to loose him in that way and you and i guess you'll be feeling shocked at present. You will be heartbroken right now and the future without him will seem unbearable. Please trust Bailey15 and I when we say it will get easier in time. I lost my boy Spike (13 year old Golden Retriever) 4 months ago when we made the decision to have him put him to sleep. At the time I felt like my world was falling apart but now it is easier. Some days are better than others but, overall, the grief, the guilt and the regrets are not so prominent now. 

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My sincere condolences on the loss of your beloved Bruce. I can't imagine how shocked you must have been to realize that the crowd was gathered around your poor little dog. Accidents happen so quickly and there seems to be no rhyme or reason which makes it even more hard to accept. I know that you gave Bruce alot of love and a great life. Hopefully when the pain is not as fresh this can be a comfort for you. Take Care!
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