I lost my lil boy boo boo, this past summer at the end of july. He had come down with a second battle of a uti and blockage only this time lead to kidney stones and was not able to pass them. After attempting several other the counter home remedies I had not choice but to take him to the Vet ER clinic here in Clearwater, FL.AS  I said this was his second battle, and this time they were not able to fix him with out doing a sex change.And that wasnt a sure thing that something else would happen. So I had to surrender him to the clinic,in the hopes that one of the many pet organizations would be able to take him in and treat him. Also in the hopes that I would find him on one of the sites and be able to get him back.My little boo boo was adopted back when he was 7 weeks old, and I only had him for 18 months before all this happened.It was only after searching for 6 weeks online that I found out that he was laid to rest 3 weeks before.I wasn't their nor did I know about it.The clinic did save his paw prints and also fur from his neck to pass on the me.But not his ashes as he was cremated along with several others that day.My lil boo man and I did everything together, watching TV, to him watching my cook or clean up after dinner, to laying in my lap, or on the coffee table when I would work from home. Some times he'd reach around and play with my hands till I stopped typing.That was his Que to hope into my lap for some cuddle and purr time, he and I.  He even had his own spot at the dinner table.
I remember one time that he got into my grilled salmon after I took it off the grill, and boy did he enjoy it, so from then on I made sure he had his own plate as well.
We slept together all the time, him either on my chest, between my legs behind my knees, or on my shoulder.With his chest and belly against mine, arms and legs stretched out.During my search on the internet, I did locate a web site called shelterexchange.org/savealife. their I found this amazing black and white kitty, named Zoe.Her former owner had developed some serious allergies andhad to get rid of her, so she posted in on the site. When i reached out to Christine I found out that I was the only one that asked about her. Think that it was due to Zoes age, shes 10 and people that are looking to adopt are looking for a kitty much younger,ie 3 years old max.So I set up a time and say to meet and that was the following weekend.I met Zoe and bonded right away, she knew that she would be safe and have a loving home, just as boo boo had.Also me thinking that any senior pet should not have to live out their golden years in a cage at a kennel or shelter. But instead having a loving home to call their own. Lil Zoe girl has been showing that same traits that boo boo had, from sitting on the window sills and waiting for me to come back from the store or from work, to the same places that boo had at bed time.Even to watching my in the kitchen.I know my lil boo man is in a better place now, with no more pain,and running free to chase the butterflies and squalls and the birds.But I miss my lil boo man so much, and it's been 6 months now, nearly 7 at the end of the month. This past Christmas I didnt  unpack anything nor did i put up a tree, as its wasnt the same.I tried to, but saw his ornaments that a friend made of him and for him, and also his xmas stocking.That was it, I bawled like I was a kid again, and I'm 56.This lil kitty meant soo much to me. He did do one more think that was right, he turned me into a kitty lover.  I miss him every hour of every day, and have his pictures on my laptop, and on his favorite end table her used to use stepping off the window sill. I even had a friend of mine do a scrimshaw of him so that I can have it and wear it around my neck to keep my lil boo man close to my heart.I know that we will met again, when my time has come to go home, and he will be meeting me on the bridge, along with my other pets over the years.I do still find myself looking up at the clouds and wondering which one he was/is sitting on looking down at me.

Even though I have miss Zoe, I still find myself teary eyed at times, and some times letting it all go and cry again like I was a kid. Zoe just sits or lay their rubbing my face and hand with hers. I am sure that she knows how  much I miss my lil boo man.She's even seen his spirit in the house, several times, just sitting their watching.I think to make sure that I am paying attention to Zoe and not just letting her be alone. 
I miss this little guy,and if I could have built a set of steps and or a lane, he'd not have gone.
My lil boo boo has a place on the site for his pictures, and also his favorite treats.
Rick crossan
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Hi Rick,
I am so sorry that you had to part with your precious boo boo. It sounds like he had a very happy life with you but unfortunately it got to be too much with his health issues. I know it must have been devastating for you to find out that they had to let him go. He is in a better place now, healthy and happy again, and no doubt watching out over you. I think he is proud of his dad for adopting this senior cat, Zoe, who, you're right - would have had a slim chance of being adopted. She sounds like she is healthy and cats can live very long lives. I know you want to be sure she is happy too. I think she is so grateful to you and likely senses your sadness over boo boo so she is more than happy to be there for you to try and help you heal. You have helped each other and that is a wonderful thing.
I too believe we will see our beautiful little friends again one day and until then we know they are now safe and happy. All the best to you and Zoe!
I just edited to add that your bo boo was such a handsome little guy - beautiful pictures!!
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Im so sorry for your loss. They take our hearts with them when they leave. Beautiful pictures of your boo boo.
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Well, it will be one year since I was able to hold my lil Boo man at the end of the month. But seems like a lifetime.I still 'see him' coming down off the window sill at home, and still 'feel' him walking on the bed that we both shared.I have miss zoe also on the bed and also in my arms but have boo boo on the mind. I know that he's in a better place with no more pain, but for me, I can't stop thinking that if I had found another vet, then maybe....

My lil boo man, know that you are and will be forever on my mind as well as in my heart!I lknow that some day, when my time is done here on earth we will meet again, the next time will be forever, just as I wanted it to be from the start.
Love you boo man!
Your papa!!
Rick crossan
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