It's soon going to be three months since I lost my yorkie, Yoshi. And I have a hard time being "okay" since he passed. He was only ten years old, and it all went very fast. In two weeks we had to make the decision of putting him to sleep. He had chronic kidney disease-which we were never aware of. I know this was the right decision, but losing him was like losing a family member. He was my best friend, he lived with me up at college and I was relatively emotionally dependent on him. And the thing is-I used to have two of them. First one passed almost three years ago, overnight. We found him the next day gone. My dogs were my entire lives and I just cannot function properly without them. This world without them just isn't super bright. I'v lost all motivation to pursue my studies, even step outside of my room is a challenge. I just don't know what to do.
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Give yourself some time to mourn. You're had a huge loss, for the second time. I understand the pain and empty feeling, having lost my little guy.
The world seems so grey and different without our babies. Hang in there. I'm sorry for your loss!
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So very sorry, Malouc. It's so hard to get through the grief and you've endured a double loss. Keep letting your pain out, is all I can say. I wish there wasn't so much of it and I wish it didn't last so long. I sure understand and I hope you'll keep writing. Everyone here gets it! Try to take care of you in the midst of it all.
-Missing Marissa deeply
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