I'm devastated. I was in the US with my family for 2 weeks for Christmas and left my dog with my ex. Molly had epilepsy and was 11 and I had been managing the seizures, all of which in last 6 months occurred when she was with me as I've had her most of the time. She had a fit the evening before I left so I thought she'd be ok for 3 weeks.

Turns out she had one on Christmas morning and then was focal and not settling so my ex took her to the vets and they decided to put her to sleep. The worst thing is they never called me to tell me what was going on. They just did it. Even though 2 vets had told me before I left I would be consulted if her health worsened. It took my ex 2 days before she called and told me.

I just feel like if I had been here it wouldn't have happened because I would looked after her and been able to comfort and settle her and at least been with her. She was so special and the epilepsy for 6 years made her even more so with pills twice a day and listening out for her fitting at night and taking care of her.

My ex even said before I left I should give her a big hug. She couldn't handle her vocalisation and I think Molly might have had a bit of dementia. She wasn't easy but she still had some spark in her.

Now she's gone and I don't know how I am going to come to terms with it. I am really upset they didn't call me to tell me what was going on.

I've come home to an empty house and my heart is broken. I can't bring her back but I have to figure out how to get through this.
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My heart goes out to you.  I was away on vacation when my one cat died and it is so difficult because you do feel if you had been there maybe things could have been different.  Also when caring for an animal with health issues we put so much time into their care that the bond we have is so strong.  

I know you are heartbroken but your girl no longer has any stress or problems, no seizures, no upset.  Try to think about that in the painful days ahead.  It is a long journey through our grief and it takes a while for the pain to ease.  You will find many here who know the pain you are feeling.

You feel the pain because you had the relationship and your girl is worth it.

My prayers are with you.

Marlene Wagner
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What a pretty girl and what a sad situation. I know you regret leaving her with your ex who apparently just didn't want to be bothered with the car

I'm so sorry for the loss of your special girl and the manner in which it occurred has to be just devastating for you. Taking care of her through all her problems I'm sure created a special bond between you two. How uncaring for your ex to just decide to put her to sleep without consulting you. I know you have to be so angry and hurt that she was taken away from you when you had no control over the situation. It's so sad to lose your girl under any circumstances and I hope you can eventually get past the anger and sadness and remember how much you loved her and know that you always did your best for her. I love your pictures of your pretty girl.
Wishing peace for you in the coming days which will be so hard, but will get better in time. Wish I could say more to ease your pain.

e required to take care of your baby. You have been there for her through her probems and it has to be devastating to have this senseless loss take place when there was a good possiblity that she would have been ok if better care was taken of her.
joan bartlett
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Beautiful dog. Gorgeous pictures. Ive lost my lab to lymphoma. My heart aches too. I so sorry to hear your story .it astounds me anyone could make such a decision without you.
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Thank you all of you. Your words and empathy help. And I am so sorry for your loss Marlene in similar circumstances and your lossDeereay33.

Being tired and jetlagged doesn't help. I am thinking of my first Gordon, Baggs, running free with Molly and looking after her, them both runnung together, and appreciating how much they both meant to me.

Thank you again
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What a gorgeous girl!
I am so so sorry for what you are going through

My deepest sympathies,
Bee- "Good night sweet prince & flights of angels see thee to thy rest"
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I am so sorry for your loss. And it makes total sense that you feel betrayed by both your veterinarians and your ex. It is a double whammy, it seems...the loss is hard enough, and the lack of control, and then also not being told...and knowing it happened without you. These are complex emotions. I'm not sure if you can, but I am working with a grief counselor and perhaps someone like that can advise you on how to deal with the myriad issues. I seems completely understandable that you have a lot to unravel, not to mention the sheer missing of your beloved, gorgeous girl. I have also many issues I'm dealing with, and finding that talking to a counselor helps because I'm simply unequipped to find my way alone. Please keep writing here as you need. 
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Thank you...

I found an apple Molly had pinched before Christmas that I had put to one side. All I can think is she still had spirit in her and I can't bring myself to throw it away yet. Trying to think how blessed I was to have Molly in my life and thinking of my old dog running with Molly over rainbow bridge.

And yes, I am also thinking of getting some counseling given everything with my ex and losing my beautiful friend.

Peace and love to everyone as we go into the New Year and some of us back to work.
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I feel so bad for you. I can't even comprehend someone making that kind of decision without consulting you. I'm not trying to get you more upset, but I would be furious. Those pictures are great, she was gorgeous. My dog died 12/2, he had lymphoma and didn't respond to chemotherapy. He died in my mom's arms, 5 minutes before I got home. I was and still am devastated, he was 11. Even though I'm glad someone was with him, I am mad and sad, I wanted to be with at the end. I miss him so much, I know how you feel. He slept with me every night. I hope you feel better about things, but I know it's tough.
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This was Prince, before he got sick
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Hi Fitchick1961

Thank you. I'm so sorry you lost your Prince to lymphoma. That's horrible. It's so hard when they get ill. And like me although you knew he wasn't well you didn't get a chance to say goodbye or be there.

My ex text me yesterday to ask if I wanted to pick up Molly's ashes from the vet, or if I wanted to go together. Like no, you took her there, you can pick her up. So insensitive. I can't speak to her at the moment. I'm going to a counsellor on Saturday.

We have to remember the good times with the sweet souls we were lucky to have in our lives. Mine left footprints on my heart x
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Yes, they do leave footprints on our hearts. I had prince since he was 8weeks old and only weighed 1.6 lbs. I've had other dogs who I loved alot, but prince was my baby, I miss him so much. I hope you are able to work through your feelings,it is tough. My grandkids made me a headstone for his grave and we buried him in their backyard.
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We shared an e-mail and you have been on my mind. How are you? I know the pain is fresh and i don't want to be a reminder. I just felt your words and am checking on you. Nobody did that for me and it would have been nice. God bless you. hallie Adams
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