My other cat and I lost our older Cat Nancy a few weeks ago. I had her for 17 yrs. Spaz, my other cat, and I are really sad. We had paw print made by the vet. I'm not so sure that was such a good idea now. Picked them up yesterday. It seems to have triggered my emotions to run very wild last night and tiday. And Spaz seems to be a bit bummed out too. I know he too is grieving even if he was kind of a jerk with times. They were still companions. We'really just really a mess. It's so sad to loose a pet. I did find another kitty. She's from the human society, about a yr old too. She's a lovey kitty too. She'll not replace Nancy, but will join our household. Well, once she gets past her hiss stage. Hopefully the sorrow will subside soon. Thanks gir letting me write here.
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 So sorry for your loss.I too made a paw print of my lovely Lady. Upon receiving it from the vet, I cried for hours... thinking it was such a sad replacement for the real thing that I had lost. Now, many months later, I find it comforting to lightly trace the indentation of her paw ..... knowing it was the last thing she touched. Given time; the intensity of the pain will subside. However, I am finding the sorrow, if only under the surface, still remains. Still, It is a small price compared to the joy I was given.
 What you are experiencing is normal. Please visit this site repeatedly. I have found the people here are truly blessed and have helped me immensely. 
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Maggie and Phalaris, Very sorry to hear about both of your losses. I had a paw print of My Winston  made, and of my  Max my other baby whom I lost in 05.  In time you both will have happy memories of your babies. Don't regret you had that paw print made.  I still look at Max's a lot. 

I think it is a good memory of our babies forever.  Again sorry for your losses.   Hugs and Prayers   Sue
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