Sorry in advance for the long post. My Jack passed away on February 12, 2018.

You came into my life when I needed a friend at the age of 21. Newly on my own living in an apartment by myself. I will always remember the story of how we met. As I drove through town like I did so many times before I saw the sign “KITTENS” I just had to stop and see. I always had a love for cats. Didn’t know where it came from since my parents never let us have the furry kind of animals. I stop to check out the little babies. Four fluffy white little girls and two boys -an orange and tuxedo. While talking to the owner of the shop I mentioned I was interested in the orange boy and he said everyone has been eyeing the black and white male so it shouldn’t be a problem. He said both the boys would grow to be very big cats by the size of their paws. Leaving the shop I still had my heart set on the orange boy. I already had a name picked out for him. He would be called Jim. It would be another week until the kittens were ready for adoption. The way the shop let you adopted was announcing the day ready for adoption and it was first come first serve on which kitten you can take home. Before the shop opens you had to put a note on the door with your name and which cat you wanted. The day finally came and I rushed over to the shop before work but noticed one car got there before me. As I looked at the note on the door it was for the orange boy. No way I thought! As much as I love girl cats in my heart I knew I wanted a boy. So I quickly put up my note “black and white boy please” once the shop opened I noticed a couple people disappointed the black and white baby was already spoken for. I was especially getting a glare from a mother with three young children who were already pulling at the black and white baby who I would call mine. I guess she promised them this cat. At one point during process of taking him home she made one of her young children come up to me and ask... My mom will give you double what you paid for this kitten and soon the shop owner spoke up and said Ok he’s yours you may take him home now! I quickly rushed out of the shop not wanting to break those kids hearts in disbelief of what just happened. I put you in my car and softly said “ I just saved you from so much torture... nice to meet you Jack.. I will be your mommy” I’m so glad fate brought us together that day as I can’t imagine this journey with anyone else. And so started our journey together I just wish it didn’t end so suddenly when your time came. You were the most beautiful cat with your markings and you really were A gentle giant at one point weighing in at 21 pounds. Everyone who came in contact with you couldn’t help to say “ that cat is huge” and I felt it when you laid on my chest purring away. Your presence always soothed me. Something I am going to have to learn to live without. You were such a lover boy. Always looking for a spot on or next to me. You gave me almost 13 years of constant love and companionship and for that I will be forever thankful. We even moved cross country together in one of our many adventures. My heart is broken as I write this knowing I will won’t ever see you or hold you or hear your sweet voice again in this lifetime. My grief has been overwhelming to the point of having physical symptoms like nausea headaches and tightness in my chest. I break down all the time looking at all the places you use to sit. I break down every day I get ready knowing you enjoyed watching me get ready for the day. Ugh this is so hard. The last thing for now I want to talk about it when you left this earth. It was so quick. The only good I can think of is I don’t think you suffered too much in your final month. The last couple days though were heartbreaking. You were fine the beginning of January.. happy jolly fat Jack maybe you weren’t I know that cats are good at hiding pain. Around Mid January you began to vomit for a couple days and then I saw the diarrhea with blood in it. I knew something was terribly wrong so I rushed you to the emergency vet. Noting you seemed lighter and the bones in your back I knew this couldn’t be good. Upon getting to the vet they weighed you and it said 16 pounds. Omg my poor baby!! The vet said you seemed fine just seemed to be a bit of infection and gave you antibiotics which seemed to help the next couple of weeks as you stopped vomiting and were still eating and drinking like a champ. I thought ok this isn’t as bad as I thought. My baby is gonna be ok. Then one day I noticed you were having trouble getting up on your hind legs and you weren’t cleaning yourself. I called the vet but couldn’t get you in until the following Monday in the afternoon for blood tests and X-rays. I knew something was seriously wrong. Your balance was off. You had trouble getting on your feet to give up halfway through. Your eyes looked funny. You seemed vacant some moments and some moments you seemed ok. When you were eating you jammed your face into your food like you couldn’t hold your head up properly. I knew your body was shutting down and all I could do was try to keep you comfortable in your final days. On Sunday night I just knew that vet appointment for tests was going to turn into a vet appointment to say goodbye. I would hear what the vet had to say but I knew just by looking at you the last couple days it was your time. Sunday night I slept with you on the floor and come Monday morning you didn’t want to eat and drink. I was watching your breathing over the weekend and it seemed to be fine until 11:10am Monday morning when it got slower. Around 11:30am you let out a panicked meow and I picked up as if you were saying “momma it’s time” I rocked you and held you as you took your final breath in my arms. I’m glad you wanted me and needed me in your final moments as if I helped you and comforted you in some way cross over to the rainbow bridge. I cry as I write this because I can’t make sense of what took you so fast. I’m truly lost without you buddy. You were my best friend.
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There is nothing more painful than watching the decline of your little fur baby's health. I know exactly what you went through. I, too, slept on the floor with my little ones until it was inevitable that they recently had to go. I left tears on their fur begging them, no ... please stay. Don't go.

It sounds like Jack had a wonderful life with you as his loving mommy. I know the hurt that you feel. A part of your soul went missing when he passed. The bond we share with them is like no other.

I am so sorry for your loss. Please take care.
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Your story of you and Jack, how you met, how you two were meant to be, was so sweet and beautiful. I truly believe that in many many cases, we are led to that special angel, the one that we needed and the one who needed us. You gave Jack such a wonderful life, and all the love he could ask for. He, in turn, gave you a bond that will last forever. It is still amazing to me, as I read the stories on this forum, how deeply in love we can become, how truly special our life becomes when we find that special angel. Blessings to you and I pray for peace and comfort.
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