3 weeks ago my neighbor asked me to take their cat Rocket.  They were moving and did not want to take him to the new house.  We were also moving to a new house and agreed to take him.  Rocket was a very sweet and affectionate cat.  He loved my children and anyone for that matter.  He never got into anything or caused trouble.  He just wanted some love and food.  

Rocket was an outside cat since birth because the previous owner had severe allergies. I brought Rocket to our new house and kept inside to get adjusted.  We gradually started letting him out for about 45 minutes at a time.  We live in a neighborhood and have trees and a small creek behind our house.  

I did not want Rocket to be an outside cat.  I have 3 indoor cats and I wanted to him to be inside with them.  My husband would not agree to it.  He insisted that Rocket be an outside cat and thought he would be miserable inside.  

Rocket would go out for about 45 minutes to an hour and go into the woods but would come immediately when called.  I kept him inside at night.  

On Tuesday night he went out at 7pm.  We went to run errands and got home about 9:30 pm when it was already getting dark.  We called and called for him but he never came.  On Wednesday we went to start coming the woods for him and I found him dead.  He had been torn to pieces by an animal.  Rocket was a very large black cat and he was very strong and muscular.  He had lived outside his entire life.  I don't know what could have done that to him.  He had a collar on with a bell.  I feel that it might have attracted the predator and it was my fault for putting it on him.

I am just devastated.  I feel that it is my fault.  I should have argued and kept him inside.  I shouldn't have left him outside for so long that night.  

I am so upset that I can barely eat and I cry all the time.  He was such a good cat and didn't deserve to die that way.  
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Don't blame yourself. Some cats just refuse to be indoor pets, sometimes it just goes against their nature. You did a good thing in taking Rocket and giving him a loving home. I have a cat that just showed up at my house a few weeks ago, and though I have been trying very hard to make him be an indoor cat (we already have 2), he demands to be let out after five minutes. He's sweet and cuddly and sleeps on our porch, but refuses to stay inside. So I just feed him and put a bed outside and hope he stays close. What you are going through is awful and traumatic and I am so sorry. I have found this forum to be helpful in dealing with the grief and guilt associated with losing a pet, I hope you do also.
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My cat passed away Sunday and if it's one thing I've learned in that short amount of time, it's that we all seem to blame ourselves for what happened to them :( it wasn't your fault. Being outdoors was his life and I'm sure he was grateful to be able to continue to live that way. If he was indoors he would probably be miserable the whole time and wish he was out there. I'm sorry for your loss, I can't imagine having to find him like that. Don't blame yourself.
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