I can’t cope
He was almost 12 , and I was so lucky to have him
He had very little medical issues up until the end
He developed pneumonia Xmas eve. We spent around 2k to get him better. and for two short weeks he was like a puppy again. But once the strong meds wore off, he started going downhill so fast
He didn’t eat. Or move. And he didn’t want to play. Not like him at all.
I knew it was time
I’ve never felt grief like that is my life.
God didn’t make me a mom, for some reason my body can’t do it. But he made me a dog mom, and I was a damn good one.
How Do you get over losing your best friend
I’m so lonely
I keep bending down to pet him and he’s not there
I just cry and cry and i can’t stop
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What a cute bulldog! I am sorry for your loss. It does hurt so badly, and some people won't understand that it really is like losing a child. It's hard to watch our babies get sick and hurt. Mija also went downhill after Christmas and I had her for eleven years (she was 16). Mija saw me move from my hometown, get married, move to Texas, get my master's degree,  and get my doctorate degree! They are there through it all and are so loyal and loving.

I am sorry for your loss. Don't feel bad about crying, it's natural and it is difficult. Everyone goes through grief differently. It is hard when the little things remind you of your pup. All I can say is take it one day at a time. Have you considered making a memorial for Diesel?
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I am so sorry, Diesel such a cute boy. I know I was a dog mom too, it’s hard when they pass. My girl passed 3 months ago and I know how difficult it is. Still trying to deal with it. Hugs to you....
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I am so very sorry for your loss, Diesel looks like a very loving Bulldog! You have support on this site from people like you who have experienced the loss of their beloved pet, and know how deep the grief can be and what you are going through. Do not be afraid to let the tears flow when they come as it helps to deal with this, and also to post here if and when you feel moved to do so, there are good, supportive people here. I too lost my Bulldog, (Dozer-11), the day after Christmas and I feel the grief you describe, I find myself talking to him only to realize he is not there, he always seemed to listen to everything I said like he understood me. My wife & I have had 5 bullies over our 38 years together and we loved them all dearly, but Dozer's passing really shook me badly. Time helps a little as does letting out the tears when they come, my sincere condolences to you, I hope things will improve for you.

D Norman
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