Yesterday (the 4th), my little boy Mickey passed away due to hemangiosarcoma. He was 12 years old, and as cute a bichon frisée as you’ll ever see.

He passed with my wife and I present, along with his older brother. We prepared and decorated a box for him to take his final journey in, and given him to the animal hospital to take him to the crematorium.

I'm alternately numb and weepy as I try to remember all the good memories I have of him.

The one good thing about this enforced WFH is that it let me be home all the time with him. And I was with him as he went to meet his 2 younger sisters who sadly passed before him

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Thinking of you...remember all the good times.

Ellen x
Ellen Hague
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I’m so sorry for your loss.  Sending you love and light.  Please be kind to yourself and give yourself time and permission to grieve. 
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I’m so sorry to hear about your loss. My dog Gretyl’s story is similar. I tried my best to help her suffering but in the end she was just exhausted from trying.  My saving grace was that she told me that it was time to have her put to sleep.  That’s what she wanted at that point. I was able to free myself from guilt. I pray that you can feel relief that your little boy isn’t suffering anymore. 

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I am so sorry for your loss. My bichon, Cody, passed away on Jan. 11th of a brain tumor and not a day goes by that I don't long to see his sweet smile, pet his soft fur and have him next to me on our bed. He was with me through so many rough times lending an ear and giving me unconditional love. He was 13 when he left this world and I was blessed to have him for 11 of those years. Letting him go was the hardest thing I've ever had to do.
Julie 💔
"Grief only exists where love lived first."
--Franchesca Cox
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Saturday will be one week since Mickey passed. I am a bit scared of the weekend since I won’t have work to distract me from ruminating. I am going through all the photos of Mickey and plan to order a photo book.

On Monday, his ashes should be returned to the animal hospital. I plan to keep one set at home, and hope to eventually place the other half in the same cemetery where others of my family are buried.

In another week, the pendant should arrive.
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I am so sorry for your loss. Be prepared- getting their ashes back can be really difficult- I dont know why, maybe it brings the reality home.
Try to find friends and family to talk to- its doubly hard now, because everyone's confined indoors. 
Try watching an engrossing movie for a while, or streaming a program (nothing sad or depressing) it provides a little break, which is helpful.
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We set out a table with offerings to his spirit so that when he visits us, he has something to eat and drink and play with.

It also helps that Mickey's brother Joey is not showing signs of stress and grief himself. I think he understands that Mickey has gone.

I'm also grieving my involuntary transfer to another group at work. I am grateful to still have a good job, but I think I'd be handling this change easier if we were all back in our office and I could still see my old group-mates every day.
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