Duke was a sweet 3 and 1/2 year old, olde English bulldog. He had been suffering for the last moth with an auto immune deficiency. We tried steroids, but he just got worse on them. Thismorning he was so bad he couldn't even get up. I rushed him to the vet to find out he's state was irreversible and most likely cancer. I had to put him down. I am struggling hard and have not stopped crying all day. All the routines of him are haunting me. Duke I love you so much and I wish we didn't have to part. I'm not sure how I'm going to get through this. My heart aches so incredibly bad.
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I'm so sorry for the loss of your sweet duke. The pain of losing a pet is indescribable. Right now, it's important to cry as much as you need to. The tears are part of the healing. If you can, take a few days off work so you can grieve. Surround yourself with friends or family, particularly the ones who understand and love you. It's important to not go through this alone. As difficult as it is, make sure to nourish your mind, body and spirit. Small steps like eating healthy foods, drinking plenty of water, taking a walk when your up for it, journaling, meditating, etc - whatever works best for you. I know this is all easier said then done but taking care of yourself right now is so important during this awful time. Keep sharing your story. We're all here for you. Our hearts are aching with yours.
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I am so sorry about your Duke and being so young I am sure that hurts even more.

I lost my Jemma less than 3 weeks ago.......also from an immune related illness. She had Immune Mediated Hemolyctic Anemia (sp?) IMHA and this came on so fast, so strong, there was no saving her. All of her red blood cells were eating other red blood cells and Jemma could not even stand on her own, and did not want to eat for days. Her blood/cell level should have been over a #37 and she was at 18 and blood transfusions did not help.

Again, this is all fresh and new and sometimes things in life happen that we wish would not and it feels like our babies were taken away without a choice. Please keep coming back here and posting and know you are not alone.


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Sorry to hear about Duke.  Let your emotions come to the surface and let yourself feel whatever you're feeling.  Keep talking about your feelings no matter how hard it is.  Its part of the grieving process.  Also, try and determine what will make you feel better to accept the lost and grieving process.  I put picture on my frig of my Bailey.  I honor her memory and our good times when I look at her pictures.  I do watch some videos I have on her on my IPHONE.  Its been 15 days and I am starting to feel a little better.  I also have found exercise has help as well.  

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I lost my best friend yesterday. I accidentally ran over him. His name is Romeo, he was Dachshund, black and tan with a beautiful white scrarf with black spots. We loved him so much, he was always happy to see us, he loved to play ball, beg at the table (politely), he would sit on your lap and let you stroke him for hours, and every now and then he would raise up and give you a little kiss. He always made me smile he was such a wonderful friend and compainion. 
I totally understand your loss, Duke sounded like a wonderful friend. My prayers are with you.
WA Woolum
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My heart feels your hurt as all of us here do since we've gone through the same.  I'm sorry for your loss of Duke.  Know we care and are with you during this very difficult time.  I pray for your healing.
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