I am beyond devastated, lost my baby boy and best friend today

Zeke Jardim
Born- December-20 2002
Died- July 22 2019

'Suddenly, you were gone
From all the lives you left your mark upon
This is something that just can't be understood'

Rest in peace my friend. Rest in peace


The gracious people of Reddit have helped me immensely with this picture.  That link can is here
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I am very sorry for your loss of sweet, handsome Zeke. Clearly he was very special and very much loved. He had a good and long life, but at the end it's never long enough.

There are many understanding and compassionate people here. I hope we can help you through this difficult time.

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Zeke was a handsome and beautiful dog who must have been a joy to have in your life. I am so sorry that he is no longer with you.  You are with people here who understand the grief and pain that you are going through and can be here to support you as we all grieve together for our fur babies.
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I am so sorry for your loss. I loss happened the day before yours - the 21st of July. So I am right there with you. It is so incredibly painful and I am really having a hard time coping minute to minute. Life has lost all meaning for me right now and I just so desperately want him back. Finding this site has been a true God send as it is the only thing that I have to rely on right now. Loving an animal is so pure a love that is so deep it is just shatters the heart when it is gone. Zeke had a very long life especially for a big dog. He was beautiful. I am sorry. Jeri
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Yesterday , 7/22/19 I had to put my beautiful sweet dog to sleep.  She was an apricot toy poodle and I loved her so much.  She would have turned 15 this coming Saturday.  In the past year she developed puppy dementia.  They call it something...cognitive something.  She has not been the same.  She was already blind and deaf but had adjusted to it amazingly well but the dementia made her crazy.  OCD behavior and there was nothing we could do to comfort her.  She had become a loner dog when she was the most wonderful lap dog, always ready to kiss and give and receive our love.

I am so heartbroken.  Will I ever feel good again?  I know you are all grieving too and I know how much it hurts.  I am so sorry.  When do we stop crying,  When does the hurt stop.  I can't take this pain anymore.
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So very sorry for loss. May your Boy walk beside you, each and every day!
Prayers and hugs are with you both. Sincerely Jessica
My boy, Brownie
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