My beautiful Zoe declined so rapidly and unexpectedly that we had to say good bye yesterday and I am really struggling.  The dynamic of the house is so different and empty feeling now.  I can’t stop crying and I just want her back so badly.  Any suggestions on how to get through this heartache?
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So sorry for your loss. For me I just had to cry whenever needed , talk about it if there's someone you can talk to about it and coming here and writing my feelings has helped. Hugs to you.
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Zoesmomma, sending hugs and love to you, my baby boy crossed the rainbow bridge a week today, my home feels so empty, I've been taking it day by day, I still say good night and good morning to his photo and give him a little kiss, I also found talking about him as helped, this forum as also been a very big help xxxx
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My deepest sympathy! 🌹
It’s very hard and so painful losing our wee ones but for Zoe to decline so rapidly and unexpectedly makes your loss so hard to bear.
My suggestion would be to keep coming here and writing to and about your beloved Zoe. Knowing that there are others who truly understand your pain is helpful.
You could tell us a little more about Zoe.
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