I lost my 7 years jack Russell Apollo today. He was hit by a truck and I'm so lost...I can barely compose myself since it happened. My other dog Noel keeps looking for him. It hurts so much never knew it could hurt so badly
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I am so sorry for the loss of your Jack Russell, Apollo and to be hit by a car too, I am sure makes the pain feel worse. Apollo is now at a new place called the rainbow bridge, being your guardian angel. 

Please know you are not alone, and you will have many many tears in the upcoming days/weeks/months and I know missing the "physical" part of my dog was the hardest. I am going on 8 weeks today, and it still hurts.

Please keep Noel with extra attention, he may need it at this time wondering where his brother is.

I too, have a dog Jemma, who lost 2 of her siblings last year, so i give her extra love, extra kisses, extra everything as she wonders too where her sisters are.

Til you and Apollo meet again



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It took me 6 weeks before I could see through the tears enough to make a post here.  Don't be too hard on yourself.  Not saying it gets easier but you came to the right place to meet the most understanding, caring people in the world.

You can tell your story as long as you want and in as much detail as you are comfortable with and no one EVER judges you no matter what.  Terrible to meet here because it means you have suffered a terrible loss, but welcome----as awful as that sounds under the circumstances.
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So very, very sorry on the loss of Apollo. and in such a tragic way. You and Noel will be feeling lost - grief at times is so intense, and shows just how much Apollo meant to you. Rest assured that this forum is so helpful, the people on here are the most understanding and caring you could ever wish to know.  Since we lost our dog almost 7 weeks ago, I have had more support and comfort from this site than from well-meaning friends and family.    Hugs to you and Noel
                         Jackie xx
J Taylor
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I just feel so guilty I should have been able to save him. I thought today would be easier but it's not. NOEL barely wants any attention just paces the house comes to me when I call her and that's night like her. Woke up from a dream where Apollo was running in a field and I called his name and he looked at me I woke up thinking he was asleep by my legs like always and he wasn't there. I never dreamed it would hurt this badly
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I'm so very sorry for your loss i lost my cat fiona 1 month & 2 weeks ago i had her 12 yrs and i am slowly getting over her death she died of cancer pizap.com14523699744241.jpg 
Rhonda robenolt

*Love you always fiona & Mrs kitty 
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Sorry for your loss. Cancer is such a hard disease. Apollo was just so unexpected healthy and happy as can be. Cannot believe I let him run off and get hit by a car
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Djolley1 - I am so sorry for your loss. We lost our 9 year old chocolate lab on Jan 11th. Similar to you, it was a complete shock to us, and never saw it coming. Our dog was the worlds best lab, so full of life and love, but he had complications from surgery (after eating a stupid sock), and couldn't be saved.  

Guilt is a natural phase to grief, and the "if only I..." phase is the worst. The truth is this next week will be the hardest, but hang in there, and in your grief, don't forget about Noel.  All I can say is reading some of the posts on this site has helped my grieving process so much.  I still haven't gone a day without crying (and my 13 year old said she never saw me cry before Luke died), but I can tell you knowing others are grieving and going through the same experience has helped in so many ways.  You are not alone.

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I am sorry for the loss of Apollo. I too lost a close pet, a close to 16 year old cat named Rupert. That is very horrible what happened to Apollo. You also must comfort Noel, and you must know not to be hard on yourself. Everyone feels guilt about their pet dying, but you must understand that what happened was not your fault.


My friend, my brother, Rupert, pre 2001-January 25, 2016 
I love you and I miss you. 

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Hello and I also want to add a note. I lost my little fox terrier mix on Thursday of last week. It was traumatic and an accident ( a fight with another of My dogs who are both acting strange ever since) and I too have much much guilt. I should've been a stronger protector and I feel like a terrible mom. I am
In unbearable pain although kind people remind me that it is my pain and he is
No longer in pain. So the guilt is
Useless but it still lingers heavily. I hope
I will come to accept the reality as I am still in disbelief and have the same dreams you are having but about my little boy. I hope that you too will find kind souls here as I have and that we all can walk with each other through these very hard times. :-)
Blessings to you and your other baby
Calum's Mommy Forever <3 
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Hello. My name is Pam and, of course, I too am here trying to get a grip on my grieving over Ripley. Her death was also sudden and unexpected because of a hemorraghic stroke in the brain stem. She was also a Jack Russell Terrier ... my favorite breed. So I am writing to you to offer some support being that we are both JRT lovers. I feel for your pain and how it hurts like nothing else. Just let the tears flow until it stops on it's own and then rest to recover. You have a rough road ahead without Apollo. I know because I am right beside you ... and they are still right beside us. Take care, my friend.
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I lost my boy, a Doberman, on 1/11/2015. His name was Apollo also. I'm so sorry for your loss. Whenever I think of Apollo, I will think of your Apollo also. It is a very hard thing to deal with. There are no magic words. Just hug Noel. I have another dog, Onyx, and for 2 or 3 months she was depressed and she looked for Apollo every day. Both of you will need to heal together.
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I'm so sorry for your loss. I know exactly what you are going through. My Sally died very unexpectedly just over a week ago and I cannot function properly as we were always together. Please give yourself time as I am trying to. It's so hard I know. There's nothing I can say to console you as I'm feeling everything you are but let this site hold your hand with all the wonderful and understanding people on here.x
I will love you forever my angel
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Thank you everyone I still cry daily about Apollo Noel barely wants me pet her right now she barely wants do anything I did take to dog park and she did enjoy running but she is not herself at all. I miss him so much and even find myself looking for him. I tried put his food bowel up but Noel got upset until I put it back down with food in it. She won't eat it only hers but if I try move it she gets mad at me
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