I am so lost without her. I had her 13 short years. She was Shih Tzu. Had the most wonderful personality and temperament. I'm getting depressed. A lot of people don't understand. They say she was just a dog. No she was my baby. My husband drives truck and gone 6 days a week. Kids and grandkids grown. She was my daily life. I don't know what to do with myself. I do work but my house is so quiet and driving me crazy. I'm so lonely.
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I am so sorry for your loss, my heart goes out to you. The heartache and emptiness can be overwhelming at times. What has helped me the most has been this forum, we all understand what you are feeling. Scooter was my baby too, its hard when people don't understand this. People who say she's just a dog don't understand the pain you are dealing with and also probably never had the unconditional love that your girl gave you. I don't undsrstand this. They say time heals, but its been eleven months for me and I still am grieving. It gets easier, but I still miss Scooter terribly. Like I said earlier, he was my baby. When you can, please post a picture of her and let us know more about her. Remember, we do all understand here.

When Scooter first died, I thought I would go nuts. I couldn't stop crying, I was angry and I didn't want to talk to anyone.
I'm telling you this to let you know what you are feeling is normal. I'm so grateful for this forum, without it I don't know how I'd be.

Thank you for your post on my thread.

Take care,
Jonancy...Scooter's Mama
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ka53: I am so sorry for your profound loss of your Sweet best friend. I know your grief and am living it at this very moment. My husband and I had to say good-bye to our 11.6 yr old Black Lab Stella 18 days ago and life has been hell since. We have no children and have had several beautiful dog babies, but for me, none like My Magnificent Stella. I have not stopped crying and it seems to be worse lately. Her spirit is EVERYWHERE and I miss her with every fiber of my being. So, I completely understand your grief and loneliness for your baby girl. We can only take it minute by minute and do the best we can and one day, our gratitude and happiness for their place in our life, will surpass our grief....we will forever miss them until we meet again!! For now, be kind to yourself and know that others understand and send you love to move through these sorrow filled days. We are better for having had such profound, unconditional, and loyal love in our lives. BLESSINGS!! ((hugs))
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Thanks for your heartfelt thoughts. Prayers back to all of you too! I have not been able to put her cage or beds, blankets, or toys away. As long as I have them out I feel she is still here! I've had many dogs, but like you this one was so special. Maybe because I'm older and had more time to spend with her. I can't say. But it sure is lonely. I also cry alot. I'm sure it will get eSier as it always has. But it sure hurts bad for now!
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Kat53, we lost our 17 year old dog Jim on 13th December - we also still have his basket, blankets and his toys out. I went to put some of his things away a few days ago, but just couldn`t do it. It does still feel like he`s still here , maybe I`m just prolonging it by keeping his things out, but at the moment I`m going with what my heart tells me is right. It is so hard when we lose them,  but the immense grief we feel is a sign of how much loved they were. you will have bad days, then days when you feel better able to cope, then back to bad days again. Today has been particularly bad for me, just can`t stop thinking about his last day, but hopefully tomorrow will be a bit better. Hugs to you, we`re all in this together. Jackie. xx
J Taylor
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Kat, First of all sorry for your loss.

Some people will never understand how people love Dogs, cats and other animals. I feel sorry for them as they will never experience that love.

You have though, you've felt that love like all of us here because you are someone who took care of a pet for it's whole life and you adored and loved her.

I know it is so very, very hard to do and it took me a long time to do so but we rescued another animal and we are giving him a good life. It helped us both, he got out of a concrete and metal kennel and we got another pet to love and take care of. We both won that day we took our latest pet home. 

I know everyone is different so don't rush into anything, but my heart tells me you need another furry friend to love and to love you.

I wish you all the best and I hope you get over this terrible loss no matter what you do. 

Candy's Dad forever.

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Hi there,
  Very sorry for your loss. I lost my best friend beagle Luckydog on 10-01-2015 had him for 14 years if you get a chance look up his story. I know how you feel but i still am grieveing to, the pain of the loss does get better i do find praying for my fur angel helps me alot i do it every night . Please stay on this web site these people really do help you and you should join the monday night candlelighting ceramoney, it is so nice to.
my heart goes out to you, let the tears flow it will ease your pain. after 3 months of my best frined luckydog being gone i still cry. Believe me the ones who tell you it was just a dog are the ones who have no hearts. Losing a fur angel is worse than losing a relative. so dont let them tell you anything else. the way you feel is very normal
sorry for your loss
david gaspari
luckydogs daddy
David R. Gaspari
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I am so glad I found this site. It's great to have people to talk to who understand you. I have had dogs for 50 years. Such an empty feeling. My husband says we don't need anymore at our age. He says I get too wrapped up in them and they tie you down. He runs 3000 miles a week and he's too tired to go anywhere so I don't figure we will ever go anywhere. I hope to have another fur baby sometime. My life will never be complete without a dog. I love hearing all these stories about your pets. Thanks for the stories.
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