Yesterday had to make the decission to let my little man go , he has been my everything for almost 16 yrs now, for the past year i just worked and than home to him everyday ,everything in my life revolved around my sweet boy , he got me through all my darkest days and always made me laugh and smile and today was the first day i woke up without him curled up beside me and i don't know what to do so very lost and the pain is too much having panic attacks and having a hard time being home just want to run away i have 2 cats as well and i see them both upset as well walking around looking everywhere for him and crying out it's just too much , i just want him back to see is beautiful little face and hold him tight , i know he was getting old and tired of hurtingand was the right thing to do just dont know what to do without him.
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I'm so sorry for your loss. It's a painful and difficult time.
My world revolved around William who was 14 when I put him down 3 months ago. I miss the comfort of having my boy with me. Life has changed dramatically for me.
Nothing takes away the pain but time. At 3 months I still feel like I lost a limb! Part of me is gone forever.

You do have other pets that need you and that may help keep you busy. I don't have any other pets. My house is very quiet. So different without having a " responsibility" to care for my beautiful boy.

Take it day by day. Minute by minute. The emotions just come and go and you just have to allow yourself to go through this process.

So sorry for your loss
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