my little boy's name is Happy and he was an abused stray dog before i adopted him. me and my little boy live together in a tiny apartment for 7 years. 2 days ago, he passed away because of cancer, he was very weak and took his last breath in my arms.

i still don't know how i can't go through this alone in this apartment with so much memories. his food bowl (still have water and food inside), bed, toys are still in the same place. i don't want to throw it away, it has so much memories but if i don't........seeing his stuff everyday makes me miss my little boy every second....

i miss him and have no appetite but i know he is now finally pain-free, he no longer need to suffer...

i just feels so empty right now

the only thing i can do to make myself feel better is to believe in reincarnation, believe that our pets will come back and be in our life again.

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I am so sorry for the loss of your precious Happy, what a sweet name.

I know and understand exactly how you feel about not wanting to throw away his food and water, I still re-fill Bella's water dish each day and like you, I still have her things and blankets exactly where they have always been, nothing is moved, so don't feel you have to do anything with Happy's things if you don't want to. We need to do what we need to survive this incredible pain and heartache that we are suffering.....

I hope in time you are able to use your fond memories and fun times of Happy to help mend your broken heart, take your time, grieving has no time no need to rush or push yourself....don't let anyone try to tell your differently, only you know when you are done grieving.

Sending peace and healing to your heart and soul.

Sincerely, Don & Vera
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Dear Don & Vera,

thanks so much for your reply
it is so hard to find people who understand....
many people told me "please be 'sad' only for few days..."


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I am so sorry that you lost your baby boy Happy. You were so lucky to find each other. I can understand how lonely you must feel coming home and seeing his toys and food bowl. I lost my sweet boy Leo 2 months ago. I can't believe it has been that long. I also live alone . Leo and his sister were my little family. I am sure Happy greeted you with kisses and love when ever you came home and how lonely it must feel to come back home to the place that you shared for so long. I still have one dog Lola so my house is not as quiet as yours must be. I have found comfort looking at pictures and videos of him. I also made a little shrine in my yard covered with flowers and Lola and I sit there and I  think about Leo. Knowing that he is still nearby has helped me  as well. I try to think about the silly things he used to do and some of his antics make me laugh. I guess I must be getting a little better. Leo and Lola used to have matching red collars and coats and the first time I watched Lola alone I could hardly stand it. I went out and bought her a pink collar and a little ink sweater. Know that you are not alone. Everyone here are so loving and kind. It has helped me a lot just reading every ones stories and using some of their ideas. We all grieve in different ways but every one here has been through those early days where it feels impossible to survive the loss of our babies. I hope you won't feel quite lonely since you have found this forum. I hope Happy and Leo have met up at the Rainbow Bridge and are having a wonderful time running and playing. I am glad you were able to be with Happy to be with your baby as he passed from this world. It has been a comfort to me to know I was holding Leo when he drew his last breaths. I know he felt safe and loved. I will be holding you in my heart and in my prayers. ~ Larchana
Larchana Behrends
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thanks so much for your kind reply and i sure did feel better reading everyone experiences from this forum.

today is the fifth day, still don't know how to adjust my daily life without him.
before he got cremated, i saved a little bit of his hair as a memory. i look at his pictures everyday too, it comfort me but also made me miss him .....

no matter where they are now, I wish Happy and your sweet boy Leo the best.

also wish Lola good health & happiness for many more years to come



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I am truly sorry for the devastating loss of your beloved friend! 

I saw my poor cancer ridden girl a week ago. She died at the vet's after a biopsy on her tumor. I never got to say goodbye.

This forum has been so helpful at addressing the guilt and pain. It hurts. It hurts real bad. I sleep with a blanket she used and one of her favorite toys just to smell her. She hated to see me cry so when the pain threatens to drive me over the edge, I ask her to please help my heart. Give me heavenly kisses. It's amazing how quickly she still responds.

I pray Happy will do the same for you. The pictures will show the love you all shared and you'll be able to see the love in Happy's eyes. 

Never let anyone tell you to only be sad for a few days. The grief is profound and real. You're not alone.
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Hi Jessie,

thanks a lot for your kind reply
we have loss our babies about the same time and also to cancer so the pain is still quite painful... today is the sixth day for me.
i put a little bag of his 'hair' next to my pillow, it made me sleep a little better....

i have found a picture last night and i wanted to share with everyone here.  i hope we can all get pass this period peacefully and to know that "we part to meet again". 


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this is the 7th day, i haven't see my boy in my dream yet...
my love for you will never change.

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I'm so very sorry for your loss. Your story shows that you are a compassionate person - you gave Happy a new life with lots of love. You made his life so much better. That should give you a lot of comfort. I am also going thru the grieving process - I made the decision to end Sasha's suffering over 5 weeks ago. It was a difficult decision but one that needed to be made. She was my best friend; I miss her terribly. It's not something that you get over quickly. You need to be patient and allow yourself to grieve - no matter how long it takes. And I believe that when I cross that bridge, my little Sasha will be there to greet me.
Sasha's Mom
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Sasha's mom,

thanks so much for your kind reply. i wish people around us can understand our feelings just like everyone in this forum.

sometimes i feel like my life is falling apart, not only because i have loss my dog but also other things happening in my life now.....

but i have promised my dog i will be strong, i will be okay because one day we will meet again then everything will be alright.

best wishes to you

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