Hi my beautiful patterdale Marley went to sleep on Monday morning and 16. We had her from 4 months. I'm heartbroken .
She had elderly ailments for over a year but was still happy and waggy.
On Saturday she stopped drinking . Sunday she was sick if she ate then stopped eating. We rushed her in to the emergency vets early Monday morning as she seemed to lose balance if she stood up .
The vet was so kind and Marley passed peacefully with the vet talking to her and me and my hubby holding her and cuddling her . The vet said she was so ready as not much drug was needed.
Our home is so empty and it kills me too see her bed empty . I feel like I don't want to be in the house without her. My children are devastated and are already asking for another dog . I worry I may not love another dog how I loved Marley as she was my precious first . I'm not rushing out to get a puppy but wonder how other people handle this situation. Thank you xx
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I am so sorry for your loss of precious Marley. It is completely heart-rending to lose such a beloved pet you have enjoyed for so long. Our emotions feel just devastated for a long time and it's not easy to process at all.

I hope being here and writing and connecting with others who understand will help. It has helped me, for sure. Take all the time you need to grieve, to cry, to express your heart, to talk about your baby. 

Wishing you much comfort and sending hugs...
-Missing Marissa deeply
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Thank you so much for replying 💔 it means so much xxx
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I'm so sorry for your loss. My Buttons passed away Monday morning, I'd just got off the phone to the vet and she started making a noise, myself and my husband knelt down stroking her and telling her how much we loved her , she arched her back and then just went. She was a rescue dog and I'd had her for 11 years , the pain and emptiness you described is how I'm feeling too . Taking comfort in that the lives we gave them were the best we could give and I've been thinking of funny little things she used to do. Just hoping soon I can think of these things without crying. With love to you at this time xx
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