My Little Sweighty – Shushoo

Hi, don't know if this going to help, or how people will take it. I lost my lovely girl in August, 2010. Yes, 2010. Dec 2009, lost my Mom, May 2010, lost my Dad, job of 10+ years, then June my partner & I split up. Then came August, and my dear Shushoo... I had to let her go. My dear, sweet, orange and beautiful tabby.

She'd fought for months, starting with a marble-sized 'hole' in her stomach. Seeing the vet frequently to start, then cutting down the visits, (vet was doing all he could; she'd get so stressed with the visits, he agreed). Finally, when she'd lost her energy, and then appetite (after hand-feeding her some pricey salmon, other fish, chicken, slicing them into small bits) she finally settled on Walmart chicken breast meat from their deli. She did make a slight comeback. Still cutting into little chunks. She was with me for 15 years.

For now, I'll offer two brief perspectives/points.

ONE: We were so close we'd gotten to a morning routine, which lasted for years. Wake up, go to my living rm floor (after filling her bowl), start AM stretching. She'd take her perch atop the back of the sofa. She'd either do it without prompting, or, when I'd decided time to “bump”.

I'd say somewhat loudly, “Deee, dah, Dohhhh, quieter, “ Deee, dah, Dohhhh”, then my own soothing quieter “ Deee, dah, Dohhhhhhhhhhhhh.” She'd be there, me back flat on floor, her at my head, to begin bumping the top of her head to , honestlymine; somewhat rubbing each bump in.

She'd break away from eating while I continued stretches, taking breaks from her breakfast, for more bumping when she'd see me flat-backed.

I was lucky my best friend's wife was a vet's assistant. She came to my home when the time came – no stressful ride in their with her crying as she always did on the way to the vet. One the way back? She'd wondrously, quietly be peeking out the windows, glad to be going home.

TWO: I know it's ten years, but my parents had funerals, my partner & I moved on, current employment scenario not that good, and Shushoo is starring nightly in my dreams (which on one hand is nice). And I just realized, I've never fully, nor formally, mourned her loss. My car was just inadvertently towed and destroyed (was in a transition stage as far as residence); all Shushoo's pics were in there (hard copies, flash drives, 10-year old computer with its data).

Not apologizing for the length here. I'm a writer, this didn't take long. Tears are flowing daily, and it just dawned on me. I miss her the most; more than anyone, honestly. 

Without any photos, felt compelled to offer something more than a brief mention. Something for authenticity. I've contacted my ex-wife (still in touch 20 years later) and her sister for possible photos. Got Shushoo from her sister - she was ready to put her to sleep! (she was moving to Germany). I always think, "Shushoo and I must have met a few centuries ago." 

Chris, more than sad. still...


Christopher Forest
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Dear Christopher,

That is admirable that you still think of your little girl and the bond you shared. God bless you for saving her life and taking her in when you did. It is easy to read the love and adoration you had and still have a decade later. What a testament for the love you had for her and obviously the love she had for you.

Did you know orange tabby girls are very rare? Most are boys. The girls are not common.

I (like other members here) lost my orange Tabby boy. I had to have him put down just over 9 months ago and it completey shattered my World. I'm positive I too will remember him all the days of my remaining life. As he was the love of my life. My best friend. My comrade in arms. My love and my light.

Thank you for sharing your story of your girl Shushoo. You're a fine writer.

Kind regards & my sincerest condolences,
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Thank you so much James. I did not know about the imbalance in tabby's and their sex. So sorry about your guy. But I'm going to strongly request... can you share his name. I really am such an animal lover & always find knowing a name, saying a name helps – I could say it helps humanize them, but I'll just go ahead and say it: giving them a name puts them in their proper place – a notch above humans.

That's not some off-the-cuff statement, and I consider myself quite level-headed. But I've always considered the following: the main difference between humans and animals? Animals only kill for survival. Unfortunately, humans do so for other reasons (war, personal gain).

Enough on that. Back to you. Hope you're doing well enough. I try to think of the times I'd done something for her, and her response would unmistakably show she knew I cared. People can say “she knew you cared” but if you can find such a memory where you knew he knew...

Chin up James, Chris

Christopher Forest
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Oh Chris, we will always miss them and love them, no matter how much time passes. In their world, time isn't the same anyway and love lives on.
I simply wouldn't say such a thing, but it was shown to me by my dog.

Ten years? No-time. Love isn't measured in years but in the lights in the Heart. Those are Love's seconds, minutes, hours, and the lights don't go out.

I am sorry you lost all Shushoo's pictures. Maybe you can retrieve some yet?

Now for anyone out there who has precious pictures, don't even rely on a "dongle-thingy". Back that data up on a cloud system.....Google Drive....a photo host....whatever is best, or double/triple back up.
If anything happens, they will still be there, and can be downloaded anytime.

Chris, it is coming up to eight years since my own sweet girl left this world. And I still miss her very much. There are still some nights when I miss her most acutely, can't sleep, can't feel quite all right without her, have to get up and process it (again.)

So -yes we get on with life, but we never quite can -"move on" as it is often suggested that we are supposed to. (Who worked that out anyway? The Heart doesn't listen to the "rules".)

Bless your little golden Shushoo.
Hold the love like a little light. It is all you have, or will ever have, to find your way home.

Misty's Blog..a Dogfight with Cancer

Misty's life after death:
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Hi Christopher,

Thank you for your kind response.

His name was "Marmalade."

: )

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Thanks MistysMom

And I always thought of the Cloud as a privacy concern. But for things like this, should have known (thought of it).

So sorry about Misty. I'll just go ahead and say it (I'm in a brutally honest state right now). She's not a cutie, she's a dog! ;) But she's a beautiful dog. Ears up, eyes wide open, chest out. Gotta love her. Really. Sorta regal in her own way.

Hope you took that the right way. Time... It's freaking me out a bit. Shushoo was with me 15 years, 2 houses, a condo. She made each of those places 'home'. She made them her home BTW. She was strangely a neat freak too. I used to joke that she did the housecleaning.

I've just begun my search (for photos from other sources.)

I'm going to drop a note to James, then, well. I lost the photos. I'm trying to remember Shushoo in happy times now. I'm a writer, so I will end up spilling some stories. Just need to share. Not expecting responses, just need to put something out there. FTR.


Christopher Forest
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Hey James. Gonna put out a few stories, for my own benefit. Don't feel you have to respond to any. But as you saw – have no pics; I'm a writer. I need to hurt more now to sand down the sharp edges that still remain.

As to Marmalade. That's a cool cat ;) Name too!

Really... Chris

Christopher Forest
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Hi Chris,

We have many orange tabby and blond tabby lovers here on the forum. Only 1 orange girl that I know of so yours makes that 2.

Are you familiar with Winston Churchill's love of orange cats? He left an instruction that one must always be rescued and live on his estate in the UK:

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Didn't know about Churchill's deal. I'll have to look into it. Well, glad to know, "Shushoo makes two."

Certainly one 'difficult' trip to the vet.
Shushoo always hated going, as stated previously. I could never bring myself to put her in a carrier; so I'd try to box her in on the floor of the passenger side of my Altima. One time (she was still quite vibrant at this time), she broke through her 'spot', got under the seat, kept evading me. I had to get the tool box from the trunk and
remove the front seat.

The vet always scheduled me/us last, knowing what was in store. Everyone there knew – she was branded on their grease schedule board with asterisks, always. They all loved her though. They quickly learned: she was reluctant but “this was not a cat to worry about, going wild out of fear, scratching and pawing.” They knew: gentle and sweet.

He and the girls (his assistants) ended up staying a half hour later (more if I remember correctly) while I put the seat back in. And they watched her in the office. She was quiet, happy, sweet and curiously looking out the windows on the ride back. Happy cat. And so was I.

Maybe another story later. (Scratching and licking). Tears now.

Christopher Forest
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Thanks James, much. Started watching the video. Right now, I'll have to stop & wait. Seeing a "cat in action"? A little hard right now. But will watch some time thru the night. 
Christopher Forest
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Hello everyone:

Hope you are well – and also that I'm not bringing upon you any memories other than those you cherish. One more Shushoo tale, if that's okay. I know I said I didn't expect responses, but of course welcome any if you feel so.

I never harmed Shushoo intentionally, or unintentionally for that matter - at least physically. But she, like all sentient beings, had her bouts of anger. I came to learn, when I'd spend the night elsewhere, she wasn't too happy. No responses to my calls, not eating.

So we established a release mechanism. I would, not necessarily gently, but not in any harmful way, give her a “head grab” (when she'd finally decided to come see me). She could easily back away, skip out of it. No, her first response was “front paws up”, around my forearm, with a vice grip, and some very precise pawing. Scratching to the point of marks up & down my arm. I'd have two choices when arriving at work: one, long-sleeve shirt, or two:, have an explanation: “cat wanted to pet me.” I only wish I had some scars left over.

She'd also, when finished, get a firm-toothed grip on the butt of my thumb (the heel of your palm), latch on. I wouldn't pull away, she'd slowly soften; which turned to her licking my forearm until I stopped her. Then she'd go about her business. We were good. Happy cat again.

I sometimes think/feel, can't get another. How could they measure up? Would it be fair to them? Would I outlive them?

Just sorta floating in limbo, thinking. I know there's a different location on this site for poems, but I'm just keeping things here.


My Little Sweighytee – Shushoo


Dee Dah Dohhhh

Dee Dah Dohhhh

Dee Dah Dohhhh


Such was the delight

of you in my life

an entity thrown upon me


Over the years

of cat & guy

you so did bring me glee


in the morn

late at night

at our sofa's top

with your toys

you gave so little noise

and toothed measure

sometimes refusing to let go

your anger always careful and kind

till you wanted for me to mind

 Shush shush Shush Shushoo

I miss your coo




Christopher Forest
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My cat, Moneypenny, who passed in 2017 at age 18, was an orange and white tabby girl and a sassy little thing at that.  She actually used to do somersaults and one of her favorite things to do was lick the shower track after one of us was done. She will be forever missed.    Julie ~ Moneypenny and Cody's mommy

Julie 💔
"Grief only exists where love lived first."
--Franchesca Cox
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Thanks so much Julie. So Moneypenny was an orange tabby girl – from what I understand, that makes 3 on this site now. Didn't know they were so rare. Shushoo & I were with my ex for 2 years, then the next 13, just the two of us. 15+ years – I think now, other than family, longer than most active relationships of any kind.

Eighteen?! Same ballpark but longer than mine. Sorry, so sorry.

Makes me wonder... I've talked about them knowing we cared; now I ask – did she know how much she meant to me. Just wondering & trying not to beat myself up on that.

Okay, quickie here on Shushoo. I'm far from a slob or anything, no neat freak. I mentioned Shushoo was a “clean” cat. I learned after 2 poops in her box? Before she'd go for a third, she'd sit there, staring at me me, mouthing off, non-stop. Finally figured it out after a couple months. “Clean up fella'”. She had me trained.

Hope you & Cody are doing fine. Oh, remember to close the shower door. ;)




Christopher Forest
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