Im new here. I dont know where else to turn to.

I lost my Maddy beagle of 13 1.2 years  this past friday due to tumors and yesterday I found out my 5 year old beagle, Dexter has lymphoma.  It has come out of no where and its suddenly just taking over. I dont understand! 
I feel like I cant even breathe. To lose both my dogs so suddenly? Im just beyond devestated.
My Dexter is so young and just last week so vibrant and happy. Im still waiting some test results but my doctor is 99% sure it is cancer.

:( im so sad and scared

Maddy  maddy.jpg 

and this is my Dexter boy

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I'm sorry about Maddy and keep us updated on Dexter. Hard to comprehend and stressful for you. Let us know what you find out with his results. I'm sorry about all you're going through.
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love the pix! so sweet. you have to wonder why? Years ago I used to have always 3 huskies. When I sensed the older one was close to ....you know... I would bring in the puppy. So my last set of 3 dogs...15, 13, and 10 all died within 6 months. Talk about heartbreak. How could that happen? Weird. So one day I am running and saw a Shiba Inu. I was amazed. I stopped the lady and asked what breed the dog was. 6 months later I had my puppy. And now he is gone. He is still with me in a sense. But we move on somehow. I am planning for my new puppy. Of course our furry creatures never replace each other. But the joy they give us is more than....... Hang in there. You will know what to do and when to do it. There is a cute puppy out there that needs a devoted owner like you. It may help ease the pain.
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Tara, I am so sorry. I pray Dexter will be okay. I just can't imagine. I know how devastating it is to lose one. We are all here for you. Dexter will be in our thoughts and prayers. Your pictures of your babies are absolutely beautiful! Breathe and take one moment at a time...
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Tara this is devastating news.  I'm sorry your going through this.  Its absolutely devastating loosing one fur baby/child to such horrible thing which is completely out of your control,  I can't image having to do this twice.  Words can't express my condolences.  My lil bear just lost his battle with an aggressive oral tumour that completely took over his mouth and throat.  Its only been just over 48hrs since I had to say goodbye; the hardest decision I have ever made and I'm still struggling with uncontrollable guilt and loss.  I was in denial as my baby bear suffered.  Tumours suck.  I wish you strength. 
Tanya M
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Thank you everyone. I am feeling a little better.  Dexter has type B Lymphoma and we have begun chemotherapy.  He had his 2nd treatment on Wednesday. He is doing great and the DR is very optimistic he'll soon be in remission, which could last years. Thank you for all the thoughts and prayers. We can still use them! but im in a much happier, positive place!!!
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Maddy and Dexter are beautiful....and glad to hear your Dexter is doing well on chemotherapy and the doc is optimistic! that is great news

and yes, i am sending you positive prayers and my thoughts are with you


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I'm so happy to hear the doctor is optimistic about Dexter's chance for a long remission - such wonderful news that you definitely deserved to hear! Sending you both positive wishes for a successful recovery xo
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