Lost a good canine friend. She had a bite history with other dog. I wanted to take her, owner said no. Owner made decision against my protests. Now my beautiful baby has gone away. I am so distraught and I am angry. I've known dog for years and I think I loved her more than anyone. Just horrified at decision and so upset and overwhelmed with grief. She was like my doggy soulmate. I wish I could have kept her. Years ago I took her for about a week, then owner wanted her back. She should be with me. She always will be in spirit.
The meaning of life, for all animals, is freedom.
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Shirley I’m so sorry! What happened?
Lynn, Tankie’s mom, forever
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How terrible, I am so, so sorry. 💔💔
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Bless you for wanting to take this dog. I'm sorry you weren't allowed to have her with you. Please share more when you feel okay to do so. So sad for you. 😔
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