Ok, so we are trying to breed our love birds. They have been bred before, and we got 5 eggs.
3 have hatched so far and now 2 have died. 1, the first one to die, died yesterday and was only 3 days old. There was no food in it's crop and it was off to the side of the others. We tried to hand feed it and it had no feeding response and didn't last long. The other one to die was the first hatched and it had just reached the 1 week mark, it had been growing and doing fine, we found it dead a couple of hours ago. We have one baby left and I dont think the other 2 eggs are going to hatch at all.
We feed them Tropican pellets and love bird tripimix, which is a fruit and seed mix, we also give some fresh fruits and veggies.
I am so devistated about the loss of our first babies, does any one have any advice.
I am not new to birds and the care of baby birds but this is the first attempt at breeding them. I really don't know what we did wrong.
Can someone please offer any advice?
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   Dear friend,

        I am far from an expert, but my finches gave birth last year.  I had mashed boiled eggs in the cage at all times -- complete protein.  I had read about this.   I pray the little baby is OK

                     -Schnauz's Mom
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