My mother adopted Ellanor a year and 8 months ago.

She was a 6-year-old puggle, rescued from a puppy mill. We found her at the humane's society, anxiously running back and forth in a kennel. When we approached her, she stopped and let us pet her. We knew we had to save her.

Everyone in the family fell in love with her almost immediately. She was incredibly docile and shy, but very affectionate when the mood strikes. She spent everyday beside my mom, sitting in her special chair, watching.

Because she was a puppy mill dog, she looked a little different. Her eyes were quite buggy, and her teeth were quite crooked with an underbite. When she was tired, her teeth would show, and while it looked silly, there was something incredibly adorable about her 'teething' at us.

Yesterday, our front door blew open, and she got curious and went exploring. We noticed maybe 5 minutes after she got out. We found her 10 minutes later, dead. About 4 witnesses told us they saw a car hit her, and as she ran away from the pain of that hit, another struck her and killed her.

I was the first to find her. As the witnesses waited with the body, I went and found my sister, my dad, and finally my mother. And we were all heart broken.

Last night was the weirdest experience, as I'm used to going to the kitchen, sitting beside Ella in her chair, cuddling her, and then tucking her into bed with our other dogs. And though that part of my routine was so new, it seemed like I had done that forever. Not doing that last night felt wrong. And this morning, she didn't quietly greet me as she usually did, running up to me, sitting down and waiting for a kiss, then a good rub down. It felt wrong.

She is definitely not the first pet we have lost in this family, but her death was so quite and sudden and just.. unfair, that it hurts more than the others.

I'll miss her.


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Oh my god, what a terrible tragic accident. What a horrible thing to witness or experience, you must be in shock. I know I've felt utter shock, disbelief, like it wasn't real, it didn't really happen. You figure out what should be done next and suffer the surprising pain and loss. And then the next phase of grief sets in and I realized how big the hole in my life was. I had put away his things, his blanket, his bowls and everywhere I looked I found something missing and empty. I know I gave him a good life, the chance to live it, but the "what ifs" tortured me. I will never forget my beloved Pepper, fluffy and ornery Maine Coon, and I will always cherish the moments we had together. My life was enriched by having this ferocious kitty in it.
You opened your heart and saved this gentle soul, know that he is grateful for the time he had, however brief it may have been. Without you, he might not have the chance. Our boys are okay, they are at peace, waiting for us at the rainbow's bridge.
Love is eternal....
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I am very sorry for the loss of your baby Ella. This is so sad and unfair. But we cannot define our companions by how they died or how short their time with us was. Remember her and all the love you gave her. You loved her in her final months, that will never die. She will watch over you and love you forever.

Sending you and your family a big hug, thanking you for saving a puppy mill baby.

Duncan & Myles Mom.
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I cant help but feel anger at these drivers, surely the second driver must have seen Ella, struggling with pain. Could they not have slowed down to miss her at least, could they not have stopped once they realized what happened.

I am so grateful, that she had you and the whole family who loved and adored her and that she experienced what she should have from the beginning, gentle love and respect. oh, this is heartbreaking.
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