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Thanks for you kind words Judy i am having lots of good memories when i think of Max; though i have little control over the tears when unexpected smells, items or activities we did together come up. I picked up a coat i had not worn for a while yesterday and it had poop bags in the pockets, that was enough to set me off. I do like the idea of utube and have some nice videos of him also, might be a thing for the future. Im happy that you seem to have a similar bond with your Buck and i do hope your little lad is also with you always.

Thanks Shaye the collages are brilliant and my wife also got them for the children and my mother as she was a grandmother to Max, i also think it helps the healing though very painful still.

We picked up the ashes of Maximus today from the vets, managed to keep it together until i got in the car, my poor daughter was in when the call came in to pick them up and again she was heart broken again and i received a phonecall from her very upset, that was hard because i was not there to give her a cuddle. Again everyone tearful and missing him loads but this is part of the healing process and also writing these posts help me deal with some of my emotions, this forum and users are very special and it does help other families that has lost their fur babies.
Max has pride of place in the front room presently with a new toy beside him and a nice photo of him infront, you will always be missed and loved and thought about by our whole family. Love you lots! xxxx
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What a cutie!  You can just see how sweet he was. I'm so, so sorry.
Sue E
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