A year and a half ago, I decided to get two kittens(so they could keep each other company)
and I went to the rescue fully intending to get two female siblings(Because females tend to be gentler).

Then I saw and fell in love with almost instantly this incredibly sweet white with gray stripes male kitten, who knew all the tricks and loved to cuddle. I did get a female tortoiseshell kitten, exactly the opposite in personality of the male, quiet and shy. I named the male Joel, and the female was already named Monet, which I liked.

Joel and Monet-Stretching.jpg 
Monet on the left and Joel on the right

Joel turned out to be quite the Houdini escape artist and adventurer while his sister watched in amazement and bewilderment.Here he is in a hotel room climbing everything in sight.

Joel Climbing the Microwave.jpg 

He got sick after Christmas, and I found out he had FIV. At the stage he was in, the doctor said there was no way to stop him being in pain, and he wouldn't eat, so I made the decision to put him down. I cried like crazy but he still purred and cuddled with me the last time I held him. He was such a sweet boy that even with the pain he was in, he still loved being cuddled. I love his sister, Monet so much but there is still a hole where he's supposed to be.I cry sometimes and think of him as my "baby".

I never stop missing him and I'm not sure what to do. Sometimes I feel that getting another cat(doesn't really matter what age) would help me and help Monet have a companion but is that just selfish? I could never replace him, I knew that as soon as I lost him.

Anyway, that's my story.

Kady Jo Beaumont
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I don’t think that’s selfish for you to adopt another pet. Two is more fun especially Monet is still small. It would be much easier for her to get along with another cat. But of course, you have to be ready mentally. And no, we can never replace our lost pet, but we can learn to love another.
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Dear Kady Joe,

I am sorry for your loss of Joel, but I think it is wonderful that during his short life, you gave him love, affection, adoration, comfort, safety and a warm home. And he got to be with Monet. It is not selfish in the slightest for you to want to possibly adopt again. It is admirable and wonderful.

Kind regards,
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What an adorable picture! Sorry, for your loss of your sweet Joel. Your two kitties are similar to my two (female) cats that I had six months ago. They were 5 and 4 years old. Fifi is my tortie, and Twinkie was my patch tabby/calico. Fifi was a loving young stray I took in and Twinkie stole my heart a few months later when I visited the shelter. She was the sweetest cat and she loved to climb all over the place, too. Last December, Twinkie got FIP -- another deadly feline disease -- and she became so sick and was in so much pain, I had to let her go. It was awful and so sudden! A piece of my heart shattered!

I knew I would get another cat but wasn't sure when. Fifi grieved heavily for her sister for six weeks, then she was lonely. I was looking at online photos of shelter cats, when one day a little 6-month-old white female kitty with a golden head and topaz eyes caught my attention and my heart. I still missed Twinkie terribly. Would I be able to refrain from comparing a new kitty to Twinkie? Would I be able to love a new kitty for herself?

I adopted my new baby, Trixi, about two months after Twinkie died. It was a bit soon, so I had to be mindful and stop myself when I compared Trixi to Twinkie. But, my new baby was absolutely adorable after I brought her home. She was literally jumping for joy the first two days, she was so happy to have a family and a home. It wasn't long before the new spot in my heart for her was growing strong.

Our pets that have passed cannot be replaced, it doesn't work that way. Rather, a new place begins to grow in our heart for the new pet we choose to invite into our lives. I will always miss Twinkie, just as I will miss any of my pets that pass, but I cannot let that stop me from loving new pets that are longing for a loving home. Our hearts are capable of stretching. It isn't selfish at all to get another cat for you and Monet to love.
Furry Love Is Forever
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Hello Andee, Memories_of_Marmalade, 3_cats_mom,

I'm sorry for the late reply but I was embarrassed about being so vulnerable. Your kind words
meant so much, thank you. I'd have liked to reply to you individually but I couldn't figure out how.

Andee- I'm very sorry about the loss of your cat Twinkie, it really does that feel awful when you lose a pet. I'm glad you found another cat to love, that's wonderful.

Memories_of_Marmalade- Thank you for your kind words and support, you're a kind person.

3_cats_mom- You're right that we can't replace a pet we lose, but we can still love another. Thank you.

Thanks for your support, and I wish you guys good days with lots of pet love.
Kady Jo Beaumont
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Hi, Kady.  Your kitty cats are absolutely beautiful!  Your story struck a little close to home.  We decided to pick up an adorable little girl kitten from the local shelter a couple of years ago; she was such an adorable and beautiful tiny cat.  We named her Leena.  I may be able to dig up a pic or two.  Anyway, we got her on a Saturday - she was fine at first but then she started doing poorly on Sunday night...she was starting to cough a little and was restless.  She wasn't eating or drinking.  I held her on my chest in bed and was up most of the night.  She'd nap a little, but that was it.  It turned out that she had pneumonia and there was nothing our vet could do.  It wiped out several cats at the shelter.

Our awesome vet gave her some meds on Monday morning and again when I got to her after work, but it was too late.  I held our tiny cat in my hands as she died.  I had only known her for three days, but I was devastated.  If I'd realized how much she was struggling to breathe, I'd have had her put down right after work and saved her at least a couple of hours of misery.  I still think about her and what I could've done differently.

We also recently decided to send Felix, our 9-year-old Mackerel tabby, across the Bridge.  He purred as we held him during our final moments together.

Short story long, I (and most certainly others) have been where you are.  We're all here for you because we all understand that our animals are more than just a cat/dog/<insert pet here>. 
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Thank you! I'm so sorry about Leena and Felix. I would love to see pictures of them. At least you gave them all your love and care which is the best thing you can do. After losing Joel, I realized that it doesn't matter how long you knew your pet. Losing them is still devastating because they are more than just an animal/other kinds of pets, they're like family.
Kady Jo Beaumont
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Thanks, Kady - I appreciate that.  Here's a pic of all five and one of Felix.  I'll find one of Leena when I have a minute.


  Heaven forbid anything happening to my family, but I'd be more devastated by anything happening to my animals.  I can't bear the thought of losing more of them.

- Ray
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